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The history of the iconic Dior Bar jacket
At his debut show on February 12, 1947, Christian Dior presented the Bar jacket, which for 75 years has been at the heart of the DNA of the House of…

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What is Korean fashion?
South Korea never ceases to amaze the world with its unusually fast pace of development. Moreover, this development covers a variety of areas of activity: telephones, cars, stage ... But…

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Vintage and modern fashion
This is not the first time we have argued that fashion is cyclical. What was in trend many years ago is regularly becoming a hit in the modern world. In…


Steampunk style - popularity and development
Steampunk style (steampunk) is characterized by audacity, brutality and naturalism. It is based on things and accessories stylized as garments of the Victorian era (XIX century). The main features of…

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Coat selection principles

Performing the function of an indispensable female attribute, a stylish coat has a special place in the ladies’ wardrobe. Due to its versatility, it becomes appropriate both for an ordinary walk around the city, and for business meetings or special occasions. A coat of modern style is always able to effectively emphasize the sophistication of the female image and the sophistication of style. But in order for it to fully fulfill all the functions assigned to it, one should be especially careful when buying it, only in this case the coat will be able to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the existing shortcomings. Continue reading

The history of the iconic Dior Bar jacket

At his debut show on February 12, 1947, Christian Dior presented the Bar jacket, which for 75 years has been at the heart of the DNA of the House of Dior and is still rightfully considered a fashion masterpiece and a design standard that designers around the world aspire to. Since the first appearance of the iconic piece of clothing on the catwalk, it returns every season.

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8 instagram trends

Today, the rules in interior design are dictated not by designers, but by social networks. What is popular on Instagram automatically becomes in demand and relevant. Now customers want an apartment “like that blogger’s.” However, most Instagram trends die out very quickly. tells what interior techniques popular in social networks should be ignored if you don’t want to do repairs again in a year.

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7 fashion mistakes that make even a wealthy woman look provincial

Alas, expensive clothes cannot guarantee a status and luxurious appearance. Equally important is the ability to properly select and combine things. Size, color, style, length, features of the figure – all this must be taken into account, otherwise there is a risk of creating a strange, tasteless and cheap image tells what mistakes to avoid so as not to look like an aunt from a rural recreation center.

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8 things that used to be considered ordinary, but now they have become a must-have in the wardrobe

Every year, fashion surprises and amazes us more and more. Even those things that were previously bought without looking are now elevated to a cult (yes, we are talking about socks). invites you to find out what other wardrobe items have risen significantly in our eyes, and have turned from unattractive into must-haves.

1. Crocs

Remember how we called these shoes ugly and said we would never add them to our wardrobe in our lives? Continue reading

Peter Hahn's stylists recommend: mix prints and patterns, it's trendy
For the new season, the stylists of the Peter Hahn catalog proposed a radical trend: a bold combination of prints and patterns. From classic elements, decorative ornaments and flowers, you…


Fashion trends spring-summer
Spring will come before you can look back. Get ready for it now. I, taking this moment, as the editor of the Fashion Ideas blog, will talk about the spring-summer…


Fashionable women's shoes
This spring, the tapestry pattern is fashionable, the lace on the boots is also unusually good. Rubber boots are still in fashion, but you should look for beautiful ribbons for…