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New Look style (new bow) in clothes
New Look (New bow) - the most feminine trend in the history of fashion in the 50s of the twentieth century. This style gained wide world fame thanks to the…

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What colors will be fashionable in clothes
Designers from the Pantone Color Institute (Panton) from New Jersey told what colors will be the most relevant and stylish in 2022. The fashionable color palette included twenty shades. Black…

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These things should not be in the wardrobe of a woman 50+
Modern 50-year-old women lead an active lifestyle and do not look their age at all. The visual impression is controlled, for the most part, by the right wardrobe. What things…


Choosing clothes
In the life of any woman there was a first date, but for young girls it is just ahead. What to wear on a date to impress and please? Naturally,…

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6 simple rules: how to dress in the city so as not to die from the heat

On the street plus 30. The air compresses in a hot embrace. Sweat hail. All thoughts are about one thing: where is the treasured source of cold water, and what clothes are not hot in summer. In order not to die from high temperatures, let’s figure out what clothes should be for a hot summer.

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Fashion autumn-winter

The upcoming autumn and winter promise to be fantastically beautiful and elegant. Noble shades of nature, enchanting autumn flowers, romantic styles, cozy knitwear… All this will be very hygge! See the autumn-winter trends right now and try on the best looks from in advance.

red coat

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White shirt

The white shirt is always in fashion. On hot summer days, a white shirt becomes an indispensable thing in the wardrobe. She so easily creates different images, as if playing a constructor. What to wear with a white shirt to look stylish – we’ll tell you right now.

White shirt

A white shirt is a phenomenal thing: in whatever style you use it, it fits everywhere. With black trousers and jewelry – an evening look, with jeans and a derby – an office look, with a wide skirt and ballet flats – a great new look. Continue reading

How to look younger after 45

A modern woman at 45 may well look 30. It is not difficult, it will not ruin the budget and will not force you to make sacrifices. How to look good after 45? Just when buying clothes, you should consider some rules. We share.

Yellow pants

It is a well-known truth that a woman looks as old as she feels. If she is positive, full of strength and inspiration, actively learns new things, takes care of herself responsibly, solves problems with a smile, accepts new experiences with interest, and also loves fashion, she will always be given less than she actually is. Continue reading

4 summer dresses that will remain fashionable in winter

This hot summer allowed each of us to feel more feminine, even a little queen, because dresses reigned in the wardrobes: long shirt dresses, romantic tunics, sports polos, T-shirt dresses, leather and lace sundresses… Among the variety of models, there are four dresses that will remain fashionable in the winter of 2022. Want to know which ones?

Summer dress

And yet summer is not endless. Before you have time to look back, it will get colder and autumn will come. Continue reading

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What is Korean fashion?
South Korea never ceases to amaze the world with its unusually fast pace of development. Moreover, this development covers a variety of areas of activity: telephones, cars, stage ... But…


Trend of the year - open back
An open back on clothes is one of the main trends of the past and current year. A flirty neckline gives the image elegance and touching. We have all got…


Trends in women's clothing autumn-winter
Fashion 2021-2022 puts quality and versatility at the forefront. In autumn and winter, the trend will be things that emphasize individuality and good taste. Vintage sweaters Vintage sweaters are grandma's…