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6 simple rules: how to dress in the city so as not to die from the heat
On the street plus 30. The air compresses in a hot embrace. Sweat hail. All thoughts are about one thing: where is the treasured source of cold water, and what…

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What is Korean fashion?
South Korea never ceases to amaze the world with its unusually fast pace of development. Moreover, this development covers a variety of areas of activity: telephones, cars, stage ... But…

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Klingel: four fashion looks from style icons
We present you four dazzling ladies who have revolutionized the world of fashion. Their expressive charm and sense of taste have created iconic looks. Do you want to style your…


Does brown suit me?
Do not rush to object: no, no, just not brown. For every woman there is that shade of brown that will show her beauty, nobility and elegance. Let's choose our…

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If not jeans, then what?

Of course, jeans are rightfully considered the most versatile thing in a woman’s wardrobe. It would seem that it could be easier: you take out your favorite pair and put it on with anything. However, some girls consider jeans a banal thing and adhere to the concept of Anti-Jeans. Do you want to know worthy alternatives to jeans? Follow us.

Clothing Anti-Jeans

Today, fashion is tolerant. A healthy lifestyle, jogging, broad-mindedness and ethnic excursions are in trend. Putting on sweatpants with a jacket, colorful bloomers with an oversized sweater or leather leggings with a silk blouse is the norm. Continue reading

Meryl Streep wears Prada?

For 40 years, from “Kramer vs. Kramer” to “The Devil Wears Prada”, including the Oscars and numerous magazine covers, we have enjoyed the images of the brilliant actress Meryl Streep. They are loved, recognizable and are a source of inspiration. Let’s try to borrow elements of the Meryl Streep style into your wardrobe.

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Uterqüe: the favorite brand of fashion editors and Zara fans

We noticed this: you run in a shopping center along a long-familiar route – from department to department, only to the one whose logos you know well, and suddenly … a flash! One look, one fitting – and you forgot all other names, because you fell in love instantly and irrevocably. That’s what happened to me. And that cheeky red suit is to blame.

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Vintage and modern fashion

This is not the first time we have argued that fashion is cyclical. What was in trend many years ago is regularly becoming a hit in the modern world. In 2021, along with the latest novelties, vintage is returning to fashion, and a number of reasons have contributed to this. In this article, we will tell you why vintage has returned to the streets of cities again.

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Rules for combining retro things with ordinary ones

In 2021, vintage has become more popular than ever. The demand for it has arisen due to the growth of conscious consumption and the desire to stand out through exclusive images.

Note that vintage includes everything that was at the height of fashion 30 years ago until the 30s of the XX century. Vintage items were created by popular designers and reflected the spirit of their time. And retro means clothes simply from the past. It was created by ordinary tailors, although in terms of quality it could not be inferior to designer things. But for convenience, we will put these two concepts in one row, since both clothing options are in fashion. Continue reading

Vintage and modern fashion
This is not the first time we have argued that fashion is cyclical. What was in trend many years ago is regularly becoming a hit in the modern world. In…


What color to celebrate 2022
The trend is outfits with voluminous sleeves, as well as asymmetry and open shoulders. What color to celebrate 2022 Trendy colors It is recommended to meet the new year in…


4 summer dresses that will remain fashionable in winter
This hot summer allowed each of us to feel more feminine, even a little queen, because dresses reigned in the wardrobes: long shirt dresses, romantic tunics, sports polos, T-shirt dresses,…