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How to use lace in clothes

Fashion designers give some advice on how to properly use lace. With their help, you can make your bow not vulgar, but interesting and very feminine.

Types of lace
Lace white dress

The main types of lace:

laces. These elements can be separate, independent, completed according to the plot;
chantilly (lace with eyelashes). This material is narrow (used for decoration) and wide (lace fabric). Such lace is usually used as inserts, as well as for trimming sleeves;
embroidered (lace on mesh). This delicate material goes well with all fine fabrics. For example, it can be used as a decor for a regular knitted T-shirt;
knitted. The main advantage is the absence of joints and seams;
elastic (stretch). Used in the manufacture of underwear. Also, the material can be used as a decoration for skirts;
convex (narrow voluminous). This product is used for finishing clothes. The most common subspecies is knotted lace (macrame). The material can be used as an openwork insert in skirts, dresses, blouses. Also with its help decorate the bottom of things, make out the sleeves and necks.
How can lace be used
Delicate beige lace dress

An excellent option is a lace beach tunic and a nightgown. Such outfits allow you to emphasize the beneficial features of the figure and make the image attractive, mysterious and piquant.

This element goes well with jackets and jackets. But if you want to diversify everyday life, it is recommended to take a closer look at a lace sundress. It is in harmony with a regular denim shirt, which, if necessary, can be easily replaced with a jacket. You can wear anything on your feet – from light, elegant sandals to sneakers.

How to choose lace
Blue lace

White lace is considered the most versatile and at the same time elegant. This shade goes well with many accessories and clothes.

No less popular is black lace. Cocktail dresses, shirts and underwear are made from these details. Black lace clothes make the figure visually slimmer. The image itself seems a little extravagant, strong, and at the same time very sensual. Preference in this case should be given to a flying silhouette. Do not forget about unobtrusive jewelry (a string of pearls would look appropriate) and accessories – for example, a neckerchief, or a light belt.

You can choose more ripe, expressive colors. For example, the following colors are suitable for slender and tall young ladies:

sea ​​wave;
Lace of these shades is usually used for trimming dresses of medium length and straight cut.

When choosing a lace pattern, slender ladies should give preference to large patterns. Women with curvy shapes are advised to pay attention to an unobtrusive small pattern.

Particular care must be taken with additional trim. This applies to sequins, rhinestones and sparkles – in large quantities, these details can significantly weight the image and even make it ridiculous.

The most winning options
Dress with lace

Perfectly combined with lace details:

shirts. Lace is able to decorate this basic element of clothing. Having become more interesting, the shirt can be suitable for both work and party. The image can be enriched with a scarf, clutch or bag of unusual shape and texture. You can wear both graceful “boats” and massive ankle boots on your feet. You can make the bow deeper with accent makeup;
slip dresses. This sophisticated element of the wardrobe can be advantageously combined with a plain T-shirt, bolero, or jacket;
crop tops. This element of the wardrobe can be decorated with romantic lace ruffles;
skirts (for example, with rather tight pencil-style skirts). They go well with both blouses and t-shirts.
Some more tips
Before purchasing lace, you need to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your figure. You also need to determine your color type. For fidelity, you should decide on temperament.

The next step is to select the style and length of the dress. Large incisions and deep necklines are not allowed. Too provocative length is also taboo: lace is a very bright detail, and it is quite easy to overdo it with the image.

You should not buy inexpensive synthetic lace: it looks very cheap and vulgar. Usually such material has a specific luster, which can easily spoil even an exquisite outfit. The material that is chosen “in company” with lace should be as similar as possible to it in terms of properties.

You can take a chance and try to play on the contrast. For example, thin lace goes well with rather rough skin, as well as with tight knitwear. Lace goes well with:

perforated leather;
Depending on the season, the fabric can be cotton or wool.

Lace is a rather risky detail.

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