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Rules for combining retro things with ordinary ones
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Not like everyone else: democratic European brands of designer clothes and shoes

The world is changing. Today it is not fashionable to “honk” about your coolness with recognizable labels, modesty and individual style are in trend. Finally, democratic European brands of designer clothes and shoes have come to the fore. Advanced women choose affordable but decent fashion. Welcome to designer clothing store.

Leopard dress

At a time when purchasing power is declining and you have to save money, democratic European brands of designer clothes and shoes come to the fore. Affordable price is their main competitive advantage. Not every woman can afford a Dior, Chanel or Hermes handbag priced from 2,500 euros; but the stylish designer bag Maison Hēroïne, for example, is quite affordable for 200-300 euros.

Secondly, democratic European brands of designer clothes and shoes focus not on the name, but on the original design and lesser-known styles; this allows you to create unique images.

Thirdly, in a competitive environment, democratic European brands of designer clothes and shoes are forced to invest in materials and technologies, so the quality of their items is impeccable.

Finally, fashionists attribute special intellectuality to clothes and accessories of alternative brands. It makes you feel like an exceptional woman. An example of this are fashionable Scandinavian brands that have become stalkers of modern styles.

Employees of the Catalog Club client center, like experienced buyers, share their brand preferences. Check out their selection, maybe your tastes will match.

account Manager:
– My clothing preferences are Marc O’Polo, Tommy Hilfiger and Massimo Dutti. The Swedish brand Marc O’Polo I classify as premium, it combines versatile style and sustainable materials. Marc O’Polo is a pleasure to wear: they are comfortable, perfectly tailored, they have a great cut. I value Tommy Hilfiger clothing and footwear for consistently high quality, as well as comfort and a good price; I order shoes for myself, jeans for my husband. Well, Massimo Dutti is for me the enjoyment of fashion and beautiful style.

account Manager:
− I consider Madeleine to be one of the most interesting designer brands. Fashion house Madeleine appeared more than 40 years ago, and all these years it has always maintained a unique style, which is called pret-a-couture, a cross between haute couture and ready-to-wear. What distinguishes Madeleine’s clothes is always the presence of an interesting design idea, exquisite shades and delightful comfort. The same can be said about Madeleine’s shoes: simple, stylish, comfortable. Madeleine shoes are made in Spain from soft handmade leather and are very durable.

I also love the “cashmere brands” in Peter Hahn: Richard Grand and Include. It is worth putting on a sweater of these brands once, and you will understand what cashmere really is and why it costs so much.

− I like French brands Maje, Sandro; they elegantly combine bohemian chic and rock and roll freedom in a Parisian way. I am glad that Maje and Sandro clothes are presented in the German store Zalando, and I can buy something extra fashionable from the latest collection.

And I also want to mention the German brands JOOP and JETTE, united by family ties. What do I like about these designer brands? The fact that at the heart of all the things of these brands is combined, it would seem, incongruous – classic minimalism, fashion trend, easy hooliganism and great comfort. Quality 100%! I buy JOOP jeans, JETTE blouses and sweatshirts, boots, sneakers, pajamas, underwear, bags and even bedding. Recommend!

− I would like to share my discovery – Liu Jo brand. I first bought Liu Jo jeans in Paris. I wore it for a long time and with pleasure. Since then, Italian lifestyle brand Liu Jo has been my denim fetish. Why Liu Jo? Jeans of the brand are made of thin wearable denim, very comfortable; just enough elastane is added to it so that the jeans fit perfectly, but do not turn into tights. The style of Liu-Jo jeans, as a rule, is classic: they are straight, narrow, but not tight; lengthen and slim your legs. And the innovative Bottom Up technology works to “tighten” the ass. Better jeans than Liu Jo I did not come across. Zalando designer clothing store offers a new Liu Jo collection.

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