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Trendy yellow

Yellow has been named one of the leading colors of 2021 by the Pantone Color Institute. March is the time to add trendy yellow to your spring looks. We’ve rounded up some cool yellow pieces for you to update your wardrobe.

yellow jacket

In March, despite the calendar spring, oppressive fatigue usually covers. It seems that during the long winter you have lost all your strength and inspiration. Winter still rests, does not want to leave, defending its reign with frosts, prickly snow and gloomy skies. What to do?

Catch life hack! Please dress in yellow. You may be surprised, but the yellow color in clothes makes up for the lack of vitamin C no worse than ascorbic acid. In the spring, bet on yellow things. We studied the collections in the spring-summer 2021 catalogs and chose our favorites. We share with you a selection of cool things in yellow shades.

What yellow color to choose in clothes
Yellow has many picturesque shades: radiant lemon peel and muted lemon pulp, warm mango and sunny corn… Which shade would you choose for yourself for the new season?

Stylists are advised to be guided by the features of an individual color type.
If you are Spring (blonde with fair skin of peach tone, with turquoise or green eyes), a radiant sunny shade of yellow will suit you.
If you are Summer (you have light brown or ashy hair, gray or blue eyes and porcelain skin with a pinkish undertone), a gray-yellow tone, the color of lemon pulp, will suit you.
If you are Autumn (a red-haired lady with bright warm skin, green or amber eyes), warm shades of yellow will suit you, with the addition of orange pigment: the color of maize, egg yolk.
If you are Winter (a black-haired girl with white alabaster skin and bright eyes – black or icy blue), cold transparent yellow tones will suit you: lemon peel color, tart citron, bluish yellow.

How to combine yellow in clothes
Yellow color in clothes goes well with many colors, making them more picturesque. Win-win alliances – with white, black and denim. In partnership with violet, yellow fully manifests its strength and love of life. With fuchsia and turquoise, it creates complex images that you want to unravel.

In the spring-summer 2021 season, the Pantone Color Institute recommends combining yellow with gray, thereby denoting a vector for stability and optimism.
The highlight of the new season can be considered the use of yellow as a luminous detail. The image will sparkle with special colors. If there is a slight yellow accent: handbag, shoes, laces on sneakers.

Yellow color in clothes is a proven antidepressant. Add trendy yellow to your spring look and life will shine with fresh colors. Choose items from our selection, place your order without delay, and your spring will inspire you with a new mood.

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