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Who is cooler: OTTO or Zalando

Two German giants of the mail order business OTTO and Zalando compete powerfully with each other: who is cooler. Clients who have been dressing according to OTTO catalogs for many years, relying on loyal prices and stability, do not want to hear about a competitor. And Zalando is gaining momentum and has already bypassed OTTO in Germany. So what is better to choose – 20 years of experience in ordering or drive from designer brands at discounted prices?

Otto vs Zalando

I don’t think there is a correct answer to this question. A matter of taste and habits. Both mail order companies are European leaders in the industry. Both have changed the concept of a “catalog” to a digital marketplace. Both have many clients, not only in Germany, but also in other European countries, as well as in Russia.

OTTO is, of course, more recognizable, since his story began 72 years ago. Introduced in 1949, it has gone its own way, surviving all stages of German economic development – from post-war shortages to the digital era. Fashion retailer Zalando, founded in the 2000s, had it easier, he simply copied the good ideas from the American Zappos, using a ready-made successful business model.

And yet, who is cooler: OTTO or Zalando?

1. What can you buy at OTTO and Zalando
The OTTO online store offers clothes, shoes, accessories for women, men and children of mid-price European brands (Bruno Banani, Superdry, Tamaris, s’Oliver, Comma, etc.), as well as goods for home, leisure, sports, small household appliances, toys. To present the range of products in OTTO, it is enough to say that, for example, there are 13,815 models of women’s dresses in the catalog, 10,313 jackets for men, 3,973 jeans, and 2,102 branded children’s sneakers.

Zalando also presents clothes, shoes and accessories for adults and children, the choice is no less. Dresses – 28,719 models, jackets for men – 13,145, men’s jeans – 7,741, sneakers for girls and boys – 6,346. fashionable novelties, elite organic cosmetics, as well as trendy Copenhagen streetstyle clothes and products of premium brands such as Boss, Ralph Lauren, Iro, Sandro, MaxMara and others.

2. Who are OTTO and Zalando stores suitable for?
Definitely, OTTO and Zalando stores are suitable for people who prioritize the quality of clothes, the authenticity of brands and fair prices, as well as those who usually buy things in Europe and do not want to change their habits with closed borders.

For those who can count
Just compare. For example, boots Dr. Martens in the German online store Zalando can be purchased for 11,990 rubles, while in Russia their price on the website of the official online store is 19,900 rubles. The New Balance 574 Classic sneakers, when bought in the Zalando store, will cost about 5,400 rubles, while the official store in Russia sells the same model for 13,000. It turns out that even taking into account the shipping cost of 15% (about 800 rubles), with buying in Zalando you will save 7000 rubles.

For those with large or small sizes
In terms of size, age and body features, both OTTO and Zalando cater to a wide range of needs. Women’s sizes in OTTO are in the range from 30 to 66, in Zalando – from 30 to 60 German. In the OTTO women’s shoes section, you can find models from 33 to 46 sizes, in Zalando you can find model women’s shoes from 34 to 44 sizes.

For those who follow fashion trends or collect basic wardrobe
If we talk about the differentiation of buyers, then OTTO is most often chosen by practical buyers who are confident in German quality and prefer the classics.

Zalando is the choice of fashionistas. Here you can find a trendy dress for 10 euros and along with it a couture masterpiece with a 70% discount.

3. Discounts, trends and other benefits of OTTO and Zalando stores
While in stores hot discounts happen twice a year, the sale in the German online stores OTTO and Zalando goes on all year round. Buy a new inexpensive jacket and cheap men’s jeans? Ordering a stylish branded set for a baby is half the price? Buy a dress from a famous designer and not go broke? With OTTO and Zalando it’s easy.

In OTTO discounts reach 50%, in Zalando – 70%. Sometimes Zalando offers a short-term additional 10% discount on the entire sale, so you can buy a fashion item from Zalando for only 20% of its real value.

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