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Oversized clothes: how to wear to look slimmer

Fashion has proclaimed the oversized clothing style as one of the main trends of recent seasons. It would seem that it is easier, put on a voluminous sweater, an O-shaped coat, loose slouchy jeans – and all the imperfections of the figure will disappear by themselves. However, not all so simple. We will show you how to wear oversized clothes to look slimmer.

Fashionable oversize

In reality, oversized clothing is a rather insidious thing: it can disrupt the proportions of the figure, distort the silhouette, visually add extra pounds and even turn into a clown. How to use oversized clothing style to look stylish?

We share the first simple rule: if you choose an oversized clothing style, then let you wear one of the loose clothing. See what it looks like in practice. Oversized clothing in five stylish looks.

1. Pants oversized
Wearing oversized pants, use the game of contrasts to create a slim, stylish look.

The optimal length of wide trousers is 7/8, in this case, the open ankle looks more elegant, which makes the silhouette overall slimmer.
The shirt can be casually tucked into trousers in front, this will create the effect of fragility. Oversized clothing should not fill, on the contrary, with its freedom, it seems to say that you have lost weight.
The jacket should be in contrast with the trousers – not a long, narrow silhouette, this will add to the image of femininity.
Graceful pumps, going in dissonance with the brutality of trousers, are the very “highlight” that creates a stylish look.

2. Oversized dress
In the fashion of the spring-summer 2021 season are loose dresses that look like a nightgown. What to combine them with to look stylish? The idea of ​​pairing an oversized dress with other pieces of clothing is to emphasize the contrast between the volume of the dress and the graceful parts of the body, this is the style of oversized clothing.

Wear a trendy sleeveless sweater over the oversized dress
Complete the outfit with classic skinny boots to match the dress.
Complete the look with a fringed purse that adds a touch of creative funky flair to the look.

3. Oversized jacket
If you want to be on trend, choose a jacket that is one size larger than yours. In fashion 2021 boyfriend jacket. Let it be voluminous, with slightly hanging shoulders.

The harmonious partner of the boyfriend jacket is long, slightly flared jeans. In this combination, it will seem that the legs grow “from the armpits.”
The absence of a shirt collar will allow you to focus on the neck and thus make the figure visually slimmer.
It is better to put your hair in a ponytail or in a bun.

4. Oversized sweater
The task of combining an oversized sweater is to find a balance between a voluminous top and a narrow bottom. This is a key rule when choosing an oversized clothing style.

So, we balance the volume of the sweater with a narrow midi skirt.
Then we play with unexpected details, maintaining the loose style of the sweater. On the feet – sneakers, in the hands – a basket. Gorgeous image!

5. Oversized shirt
A loose shirt can be worn loose with skinny cigarette trousers, or can be tucked in to emphasize its volume. Let’s choose the simplest option for combining a loose shirt – put it on with tight jeans.

Wear skinny 7/8 skinny jeans.
On her feet are graceful pumps. Legs will appear incredibly long and slender.
Complement the image with a small handbag, the size of which is in opposition to the size of the shirt.

The oversized style is very comfortable. He maintains that inner freedom that is in man. And if you wear oversized clothes correctly, you can look incredibly stylish.

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