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Fashion trends spring-summer

Spring will come before you can look back. Get ready for it now. I, taking this moment, as the editor of the Fashion Ideas blog, will talk about the spring-summer 2021 fashion trends and tell you how to buy them in one place.

Stylish pants

After an anxious year of pajama uniforms and masks, the soul is asking for something special, something that would make the heart sing. I chose bright spring-summer 2021 trends. They are stylish and versatile. Already now you can buy fashionable models and start wearing them without waiting for spring. Agree, clothes are a real source of joy and inspiration.

Get comfortable. Get to know fashion trends. Browse stylish models in German online stores, find your options and shop online at Catalog Club Ru.

Grey, yellow, orange and quiet wave
The main colors of 2021, according to the Pantone Color Institute, are flawless gray and bright yellow. The sophisticated combination of these colors embodies the key trend of 2021 – reliability and optimism. I recently talked about how the Pantone Color Institute chooses the main color of the year. In addition to yellow and gray, among the current colors, according to Pantone, are orange-orange, a quiet wave, lemon sherbet, green pepper stalk, lavender, bright blue sapphire … Look for ideal samples in the spring-summer 2021 collections in the Madeleine online store at our site.

From pale meringue to pink peony
Pink shades in their collections used a record number of designers. Such a riot of tenderness and beauty is simply breathtaking. However, shades of love and romance are quite obvious options for spring. Be sure to add pink shades to your spring wardrobe, fashion trends for spring-summer 2021.

Boring slouch
Pants in the women’s wardrobe for spring-summer 2021 claim to be the favorite. They are comfortable, relaxed, with wide legs, pleats at the waist – the kind that self-confident girls wore in the 90s, borrowed from the men’s wardrobe. Choose slouch, bananas, joggers – you won’t miss!

Ultra short skirts
The skirt is the explosive trend of the new season! That’s because she’s… mini. Fashion trends for spring-summer 2021 include ultra-short skirts – straight and puffy, A-line and flared, with frills and pleats. You can look at the catwalk samples in the spring-summer 2021 collections from Chanel, Alberta Ferretti and Miu Miu, and you can buy fashion designer models on our website in the German online store Zalando.

Nostalgic olympics
In the 70s, these zip-up sports sweatshirts were called olympics. They were worn everywhere: in winter and summer, with jeans and skirts, to the gym and to the disco. Apparently, the designers got into a nostalgic mood, and they included the sweatshirt in the spring-summer 2021 fashion trends.

Another hello from the past – numerous chains. These are rocker chains on belts, as they were worn in the 90s, and details on shoes, and straps-handles of handbags, as well as necklaces, earrings, bracelets.

Derby, brogues and other boots with stitching
Men’s boots in a women’s wardrobe are an unexpected “icing on the cake”, an accessory that complements the spring-summer 2021 fashion trends. Whether you wear fashionable derbies with a dress, jeans or a business suit, they will put a worthy end to creating a stylish look. . Change the studs for men’s shoes.

Coffee, Caramel & Co
It’s hard to resist the charm of brown. The beige-chocolate range, traditionally associated with autumn, migrated to the spring-summer wardrobe, adding elegance to it. Shades of coffee, caramel and warm sand create summer looks full of nobility. Choose sophisticated clothing from the Coffee, Caramel & Co collection at the Madeleine online store.

How to buy fashion trends spring-summer 2021?
All these things you will find in German online stores on our website. How will your shopping in catalog club ok go?
There are just a few simple steps to your stylish look 2021:

Choose products in online stores, add your favorites to the order form. One Cart – for all stores!

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