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5 anti-trends that I will definitely keep in my wardrobe

I love the start of a new season. For many years now, like a hunter, I have been tracking fashion trends, enthusiastically accepting them and informing you, dear readers. However, my wardrobe does not depend on the dictates of designers, I can wear what they call anti-trends. Now I will teach you how to stylishly fit “not fashionable” things into your everyday wardrobe.

Pleated skirt

In my long career as a stylist, I’ve come to the conclusion that a wardrobe “works” best when it’s completed with quality clothing that doesn’t depend on fleeting trends. Of course, there must be a place for a couple of trendy models in it, but in general it is ideal – if things are timeless, and none of them can be said to be outdated. This is what I put into the idea of ​​Smart Wardrobe.

Moreover, I often wear what are called anti-trends, things that were super fashionable in past seasons. These are not necessarily classic or basic things, but sometimes they create an indescribable atmosphere of style.

Here are 5 anti-trends that I will definitely keep in my wardrobe in 2021 and tell you where to find the best options.

1. Patterned midi skirt
The patterned midi skirt was a fashion favorite five years ago, but I’ve kept this anti-trend in my everyday wardrobe. The printed midi skirt opens up endless possibilities for style.

It can be worn with a plain sweater: with a thin cashmere pullover, a colored skirt looks elegant, with an oversized coarse knit sweater – romantic and feminine. With a jacket – not banal. With a simple white shirt – elegant. With a silk top – sexy …

Definitely, a patterned midi skirt is worth adding to your Smart Wardrobe.

2. Spectacular top for jeans
The eternal question: is it worth reinventing the wheel? I’m sure no. I think that a spectacular top, whether it is a designer construction, a Carmen sweater, a blouse with unusual details, decorative knitwear, is a proven option in combination with jeans.

A smart wardrobe should include at least one spectacular top that will create a beautiful and casual look in a second.

3. One color kit
Like it or not, wearing tone-on-tone clothes is beneficial from all points of view. Firstly, a single color stretch will always add sophistication to the image. Secondly, it is the most effective way to look taller and slimmer. Thirdly, style is manifested in this combination: it doesn’t matter if you are dressed in shades of “fashionable” yellow or “unfashionable” marsala – you will always give the impression of a fashionable elegant woman.

I personally settled on a color stretch of blue-steel tones. I added this anti-trend from 2020 to my Smart Wardrobe.

4. Super simple dress
That’s what I refused, so it’s frills, bows and fringes. All these details are quite pretentious, they bind you too much to the style of the season, which means that there is a risk of feeling outdated sooner or later. Instead, I opt for super-simple dresses that fit me perfectly, in the color I love. It doesn’t matter if it’s an anti-trend.

5. Vintage jewelry
Vintage jewelry is the thing that I adore, about which I am ready to talk for hours. And not only because jewelry trends, expensive to invest, come and go too quickly, but because vintage jewelry is so much more than fashion. I have bought vintage pieces from designer boutiques in Paris and Rio, from brocante in Cannes, and from artisans at Artplay fairs.

It does not matter what season this jewelry was released for, it is unique, like any thing with a story. Add a few pairs of vintage bijou to your Smart Wardrobe, it will highlight your uniqueness and help define your personal style.

Now you understand that anti-trend is not a dirty word at all. If you thoughtfully approach the issue of forming a Smart Wardrobe, then other anti-trends can play a key role. Be in trend, choose and order “smart” things!

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