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White shirt
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Fashionable retro clothing style: 8 trends
Retro style in clothes looks spectacular and unbanal. Fashion designers have included bright retro elements in their summer collections. So, get into the time machine, try on the best trends…

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8 basic things you want to wear

Let’s talk about the best basic things that 2021 offers us. Fashionable girls are already wearing radically wide trousers and grandfather jackets with might and main. Discover 8 things that will be trendy in 2021 and yet remain within the basic classics.

checkered coat

Catalog The club loves to pick up basic things. We are passionate about the idea of ​​a capsule wardrobe, because we believe this way of forming a wardrobe is the most beneficial from all points of view. Let’s discuss the essentials for women’s wardrobe 2021 and we’ll show you where to find the best options.

1. Palazzo pants
For a long time there has been a trend to separate a pantsuit: wear a jacket in your combinations, trousers in your own. In the new year, we will see how one particular item, namely trousers, will draw all the attention to itself. Wide-leg palazzo trousers take the top spot in Women’s Wardrobe Essentials 2021. Fashion Week runways confirm that extra-relaxed, baggy palazzo trousers will reign supreme.

2. Sweater with collar
Agree, there is something so fresh in a sweater with a collar. This detail, the collar, is a relatively small addition, but somehow turns even basic pullovers into something much more fashionable and cool. I advise you to take note! A collared sweater is a must-have for women’s 2021 wardrobe

3. Mini skirt
After several seasons of the dominance of long hemlines, the miniskirt is back on the fashion scene. Many fashion designers, and this is not only the youth Miu Miu, have demonstrated the power of the mini on the catwalks. This goes to show that the miniskirt is now a staple to add to your closet in 2021.


Skirt Lascana | Stradivarius skirt | Riani skirt | Madeleine skirt

4. Grandpa’s jacket
Knitted cardigans are now also included in the basic women’s wardrobe. Moreover, long things of loose knitting, which we simply call “grandfather’s jacket”, eclipsed graceful cropped jackets. Basic items for women’s wardrobe 2021.

5. Sleeveless turtleneck
With the fashion trends of the season, the favorite decade of fashion, the 90s, is back, from which you can draw inspiration. The avant-garde ideas of that time have long passed into basic things, one of which is a sleeveless turtleneck. No unnecessary details: only a turtleneck, trousers and a shoulder bag.

6. Plaid coat
Checked wool coat is one of our favorite pieces; it gives comfort and emphasizes style. Everyone has long appreciated the advantage of a relaxed oversized shape. The voluminous loose coat can be wrapped around like a blanket to feel warm, comfortable and protected. Undoubtedly, the plaid coat looks chic and complements the basic items for women’s 2021 wardrobe.

7. Derby boots
If soft moccasins were the fashion shoe of 2020, then 2021 favorites are derby boots. Derbies with platform soles are especially good. We offer you to choose a suitable pair in German online stores to wear them with high socks and trousers and feel the tonic academic atmosphere.

8. Troyer
Basic items for women’s wardrobe 2021. The simplest item on this list is a knitted troyer sweater with 3/4 zip. It can be worn with anything: with jeans and palazzo trousers, with a skirt, under any jacket and trench coat. It can be cashmere designer or very simple cotton. An absolute must have in your 2021 wardrobe.

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