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Does brown suit me?

Do not rush to object: no, no, just not brown. For every woman there is that shade of brown that will show her beauty, nobility and elegance. Let’s choose our brown color in clothes. The Peter Hahn catalog will help us.

Brown cardigan

In autumn and winter, nature tones, including brown, dominate the wardrobe.There is an explanation for this: creating associations with the earth, wood, fresh bread, warm and sensual brown color awakens feelings of security and tranquility, helps to overcome stress and blues.

How do you imagine brown? Is it cognac, toffee, hazelnuts, coffee, camel, sand, chocolate? .. Brown has so many nuances that there is sure to be a shade for every type of appearance. Let’s find out what type of brown you are. The Peter Hahn catalog will help us.

1. How to choose your shades of brown
Brown is created by mixing the three primary colors – blue, yellow and red. Depending on which of these three colors dominates, a warmer or cooler shade, yellowish red or bluish brown, is produced.

Women of spring and autumn types (golden skin tone, reddish hair undertones) rely on warm brown shades. They have a high proportion of yellow or red nuance. Warm shades of brown are golden sand, camel (camel), coffee with milk, terracotta, ocher, red, the color of undyed wool.

For women of summer and winter types, cool shades of brown with a predominant blue pigment are suitable – such as taupe (opal color), mastic, cocoa, chocolate, grayish-beige, earthy.

2. How to match brown
Brown tones are a real miracle, they can create harmonious color masterpieces with almost all colors. This season, the trend is a combination of brown and blue, from dark blue to sky blue. The combination of brown and blue evokes pleasant associations: sand and sea, night sky and mountains, ocean and boat. As a duet, brown and blue create elegant, exclusive looks, both for everyday casual style and as an evening chic. See how the shades of Peter Hahn’s catalog clients combine.

3. Contrasting combination of brown
Brown color is great for playing contrasts. It can really be “blown up” with the right addition. Choose contrasting shades of brown.

On its own, brown calms the look, creating a harmonious counter pole for exciting vibrant colors. Try wearing a cozy knitted PORTRAY BERLIN jacket in a delicious chocolate shade with a bright addition, such as a cardigan or scarf in purple, orange, rusty red, terracotta or marsala. This combination of brown will refresh the look and create a breathtaking effect. Choose a noble brown color from the Peter Hahn catalogue.

4. Combination of brown with leo print, zebra & co
Given the natural nature of brown, designers combine it with natural prints – from leopard and zebra, to crocodile and tiger. Natural colors of animals harmonize perfectly with brown tones. Brown, like no other, is able to “bridle” the patterns of wildlife.

5. Brown tone on tone
Especially fashionable this season is a combination of different shades of brown. Combine warm browns if you’re a spring or fall type, and cool browns if you’re a summer or winter color type.

Do you agree that the brown color is multifaceted, picturesque and suits you? Now it’s your turn to create an extraordinary look in brown tones. Try it and you will be surprised how gorgeous this color is and how spectacular it looks on you. The Peter Hahn catalog will help you choose high-quality brown shades.

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