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6 Stylish Celebrity Tricks That Make a Woman Turn Around

We are used to the fact that celebrities appear on the red carpet in invariably stylish and luxurious images, which are then talked about in the press for a long time. But looking good after working with a stylist is one thing, but dressing beautifully in everyday life is quite another. Novate.ru tells what tricks stars use to always be on top. Spoiler: they can be safely used by ordinary girls.

1. Blake Lively: unexpected details


Blake Lively, actress and wife of Ryan Reynolds, has said more than once that she loves fashion. The girl uses clothes as one of the ways of self-expression, and therefore she is engaged in compiling her images herself. And, we want to note, it copes with this task much better than many star stylists. Blake likes that no one limits her in her choice and does not indicate which things can be combined and which cannot.

In everyday life, the actress is rarely seen in sneakers and a tracksuit. She prefers a feminine style, and therefore heels are her constant companions. At ceremonial events, Lively appears in luxurious Hollywood dresses, often to the floor. Despite her love for elegant outfits, Blake is still a hooligan at heart. You can often see how she complements business looks with brutal “masculine” details, such as a bow tie or a tie. It turns out stylish and effective!
2. Kate Middleton: love for culottes

Before meeting with Prince Kate Middleton dressed, to put it mildly, not very beautiful. However, after the girl worked with a professional stylist, her images became flawless. No wonder Kate is now on the list of the most stylish princesses – her discreet and elegant outfits inspire fashionistas around the world. We talk about several fashion secrets of the Duchess.

Firstly, Kate rarely wears ordinary trousers, preferring exquisite culottes. They allow you to make the look less formal and prim, but at the same time not go beyond the classic images. The Duchess wears both traditional black and colored pieces, for example, in a shade of khaki. In combination with blouses, culottes look more solemn, and with a turtleneck – more casual, so you can set the tone for your image yourself.

Kate also loves basic things. Given that she advocates savings and reasonable consumption, this attitude towards the basic wardrobe is not surprising. Skinny jeans, vests, classic pumps, shirts – and this is not the whole list of what the Duchess invests in. We advise you to take an example from her, because such things will always save you in a situation of “nothing to wear”.
3. Angelina Jolie: light shades

It is unlikely that anyone remembers this, but earlier Angelina Jolie was a real tomboy: she wore leather things, cut her hair short, and made her eyes black. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past. Modern images of the actress are far from hooliganism – she invariably appears in public in elegant outfits with natural makeup and simple styling.

Angelina prefers feminine clothes in neutral colors, but so that the outfit does not look too boring, she complements it with bright lipstick. The star pays special attention to fabrics – her wardrobe is dominated by things made of natural, dense materials, in which Jolie feels confident and comfortable. Classic pumps are an indispensable attribute of almost any image – the actress wears them both with dresses and with suits, jeans.

Angelina is not indifferent to classic silhouettes, often with an emphasis on the waist, as well as midi length. The star’s favorite combination is white-total-look. Given the fact that Jolie’s figure is all right, she may not worry that the white color will fill her up. The actress wisely uses his ability to refresh the complexion, so she always looks perfect in snow-white suits and dresses.
4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Stylish Base


The British actress and model has repeatedly been included in the list of the most stylish celebrities. And this is quite justified, because she always looks “pocket-like”, no matter where she goes: to the award ceremony or for a walk with her son. On her pages on social networks, Rosie constantly shares a selection of outfits that she makes herself. The star loves well-tailored loose trousers, bodysuits, and trench coats. Her wardrobe can be freely called basic, because it is dominated by neutral shades, and all things are perfectly combined with each other. We are sure that if Rosie had not worked as a model, she would have turned out to be an excellent stylist or fashion blogger.

When you view photos of Huntington-Whiteley, pay attention to how well she emphasizes her slender legs, visa

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