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7 trendy accessories that stylish women who know how to present themselves have

The strength and charm of every woman lies in her uniqueness and how she knows how to present herself. However, doing this without professional tips aimed at creating a functional and inspiring wardrobe can sometimes be very difficult. Today Novate.ru talks about the main accessories that a stylish woman should have in her arsenal. Spoiler alert: they can make any look look amazing.

1. Aviators

You can always look fresh and rested if you regularly protect your skin from the insidious rays of the sun. We are talking not only about cosmetics with SPF, which must be present in a girl’s arsenal at any time of the year, but also about sunglasses. The ideal model is aviators, who have been in the top for a long time. Firstly, they have extremely comfortable and practical teardrop lenses. Secondly, they are fashionable and stylish. And thirdly, they make any beauty look like a seductive Lara Croft. In addition, the glasses fit most face shapes. The most important thing is not to make a mistake with the size – it is very important that the accessory fits well.

In the store you can find a traditional model with brown or black metal lenses, or custom aviators with multi-colored lenses that look very playful and feminine. Accessories without frames look original or non-standard specimens in which the lenses go beyond the frames of the frames.
2. Silk scarf

If you still associate silk scarves with grandma’s style, it’s time to try adding them to your look to change your mind. For inspiration, you can watch old Hollywood films, the main characters of which always wore headscarves. Floral prints look very feminine and romantic. To make sure they look appropriate, choose a lipstick to match the pattern – this is how you support the image on the scarf. And if you want to look like the famous style icons Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, complement the scarf outfit with oversized sunglasses.

Note: A silk scarf looks great not only in the portrait area. It can also be used instead of a belt on trousers or coats. Pass the scarf through the loops, tie the ends in the back or front, and get a very stylish look.
3. Fedora hat

This hat, which is distinguished by a medium-width brim and a low crown, decorated with a wide matching ribbon, became popular back in the middle of the 19th century. “Fedora” found a response in the hearts of both women and men due to its elegance and convenience – it saved from rain and cold, while giving its owner a stylish, but not too strict look.

A striking example of the fact that you can always look trendy in such a hat is Kate Middleton. First, she appeared in a fedora on the cover of the anniversary British Vogue, then she wore it for walks with children, and then the journalists noticed that the Duchess chooses this hat model, only in more intricate styles, for official events.

Not indifferent to the “Fedora” and other celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez. The actress and singer often uses a headdress when there is absolutely no time to do beautiful styling and put her hair in order. The hat not only hides the lack of hair, but also adds originality to even the simplest look. A real lifesaver!

Of course, it is unlikely that you will be able to find the perfect hat the first time – you will have to try on a dozen options. Stylists advise you to start your acquaintance with the “Fedora” with a model with solid fields – it suits almost everyone.
4. Duffle bag

If you are tired of traveling the world with a bulky, uncomfortable suitcase, we suggest switching to comfortable and roomy travel bags. Moreover, now most airlines strongly recommend flying with hand luggage. An excellent solution is the duffle, which is a fashionable interpretation of the duffel bags once popular with the soldiers of the French army. It will become a favorite accessory not only for travel lovers, but also for fans of outdoor activities and sports. The bag fits everything you need, but at the same time it does not look like a huge trunk.

Please note that such an accessory must be chosen taking into account the proportions of the body so that there is no disharmony. For example, girls of small stature will not fit overall models, and full beauties should not choose too small accessories that will be lost against their background. The presence of a shoulder strap is not necessary, but it is desirable: with it, the duffle will be much easier and more comfortable to wear, since the hands will remain free.

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