Fashion autumn-winter
The upcoming autumn and winter promise to be fantastically beautiful and elegant. Noble shades of nature, enchanting autumn flowers, romantic styles, cozy knitwear... All this will be very hygge! See…

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Choosing clothes
In the life of any woman there was a first date, but for young girls it is just ahead. What to wear on a date to impress and please? Naturally,…

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6 simple rules: how to dress in the city so as not to die from the heat
On the street plus 30. The air compresses in a hot embrace. Sweat hail. All thoughts are about one thing: where is the treasured source of cold water, and what…


If not jeans, then what?
Of course, jeans are rightfully considered the most versatile thing in a woman's wardrobe. It would seem that it could be easier: you take out your favorite pair and put…

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8 things that used to be considered ordinary, but now they have become a must-have in the wardrobe

Every year, fashion surprises and amazes us more and more. Even those things that were previously bought without looking are now elevated to a cult (yes, we are talking about socks). invites you to find out what other wardrobe items have risen significantly in our eyes, and have turned from unattractive into must-haves.

1. Crocs

Remember how we called these shoes ugly and said we would never add them to our wardrobe in our lives? How wrong we were! Crocs have taken off to the fashionable Olympus and have turned from ordinary rubber slippers into a real trend. By the way, they only look like rubber shoes. In fact, they are made from croslite, a resin that only Crocs can produce. Actually, that is why she patented this material. Some people even collect crocs and consider them a point of pride.

Despite the criticism, Crocs does not stop there, and actively interacts with luxury brands such as Balenciaga. Recently, the company has created a collection of jibbits – bright and colorful badges that are attached to Crocs. They believe that with their help, anyone can express themselves and tell the world about their preferences.
2. Jewelry

Previously, many people preferred to buy gold and silver jewelry, and they spent money on jewelry with precious stones, as they were a sign of high status. Jewelry, however, remained on the sidelines, although the famous Coco Chanel tried in every possible way to popularize it and explain to women that there is nothing shameful in such jewelry.

Time has passed, and now many fashionistas prefer to invest in luxury jewelry, which manufacturers make from alloys of various metals, plastic, glass. It is she who helps the girls to put the final point in the image, to make it harmonious and complete. It is interesting that modern jewelry is very difficult to distinguish from jewelry with precious stones, which is actively used by fashion bloggers, celebrities and fashionistas.
3. Bezel

Once upon a time, Blair Waldorf headbands conquered all fans of the famous American TV series Gossip Girl. The girls wanted to be like their favorite heroine, and therefore they bought all copies in stores, at least a little similar to those that adorned Blair’s hair. After some time, headbands lost popularity, but only to return to the list of trends again. Wicker, leather, velvet, similar to kokoshniks and tiaras – the range is really huge. And in the new season, the designers decided to add a twist to the headbands and decorated them with beads. Please note that almost identical headbands can vary greatly in price – it all depends on the brand that released them. So, a product with artificial pearls can be found for 1,000 rubles and 15,000 rubles.
4. Basic T-shirt

Surely in your wardrobe there is an ordinary white cotton T-shirt, which, if necessary, moves from image to image. The secret of the popularity of such a thing lies precisely in its versatility. It is useful at any time of the year, and can also fit into any dress code – both business and evening. The main thing is to correctly combine the T-shirt with other things. For example, if you wear it with a pencil skirt and a jacket, you can safely go to work. And paired with sneakers and regular jeans, the T-shirt will create a great casual look.

There is only one caveat – it is quite difficult to pick up a high-quality basic thing. You may come across a poor quality product, even if you purchased a T-shirt from a well-known brand. And vice versa – the mass market sometimes offers clothes that look much better than things from luxury brands.
5. White sneakers

Another basic wardrobe item. Sneakers are loved for their comfort and practicality, and more recently for their versatility. Shoes have long gone beyond gyms and morning runs. It is freely worn paired with dresses, classic skirts and suits. You can appear in sneakers at a party, negotiations and even a social event – no one will say a word.

White sneakers are considered the most relevant. They look fresh and incredibly aesthetic, and go well with any color combination. Yes, there is a minus – the shoes get dirty quickly, but its fans are ready to endure this drawback.
6. Socks

Until quite recently, we paid a minimum of time and attention to the selection of socks.

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