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History of the AZZARO brand

Azzaro (Azzaro) is a famous French brand. It is characterized by such features as brightness, extravagance, “bohemianism”. The brand has gained particular fame among people of creative professions, since its creator, fashion designer Loris Azzaro, produced clothes for various special occasions and parties.

Now under this brand a collection of clothes for men and women, perfumes, as well as luxury accessories are produced. Perfumes of this brand are available in stylish but laconic classic bottles made of heavy glass. At the bottom of each bottle there is a branded engraving. About 90% of perfume sales are men’s fragrances.

Brand history

The history of the brand began in the 60s of the twentieth century. History of the AZZARO brand was born in Italy (Toulouse). His ancestors were architects. Azarro himself was interested in the culture and history of his native country and Europe in general, and for some time was engaged in teaching.

He also liked to make interesting accessories for loved ones. Azarro had a rich imagination, and he came up with amazing velvet ones. silk and leather clutches and ties.

After some time, he moved to live in Paris, and the things he made were liked by the creative intelligentsia of the city. After that, Azarro left teaching and devoted himself entirely to his beloved work. He continued to model accessories, and a little later he began to create his own clothing collections.

In the 60s of the twentieth century, Azzaro founded his own fashion house and became a regular participant in clothing collections at Paris fashion weeks. With special inspiration, he created evening dresses. He made silk and translucent outfits shimmering with sequins and rhinestones: thanks to such outfits, every woman could feel irresistible.

Soon, almost all participants in the prestigious awards ceremony in Hollywood began to wear the outfits of this brand. In addition to Hollywood “stars”, representatives of the European and Middle Eastern aristocracy began to order clothes from the Azarro brand.

In the 70s of the twentieth century, the creator of the cult brand decided to try his hand at perfumery production. Now Azzaro pour Homme is in the TOP-3 most popular men’s fragrances. In the late 70s, Azarro glasses entered the market, and a little later a new line of ties came out.

Brand faces
Faces of the Azzaro brand

The clothes of this brand were worn by famous actresses and singers: R. Schneider, L. Minelli, B. Bardo. Now such famous actresses as K. Diaz, E. Stone, E. Mendez, N. Portman, N. Kidman, Z. Saldana, M. Williams, K. Moss appear in outfits from Azzaro.

Market expansion

In the 90s, Clarins acquired the Azzaro brand, but its creator did not retire. He ran the firm and created clothing collections for men and women.

Over time, new fragrances of this brand’s perfume have entered the market. There are also new lines of shirts, outerwear, clutches, scarves, scarves and ties.

Loris Azzaro passed away in 2003. The company was led by his daughter Beatrice, who continues to work in tandem with designer Vanessa Steward to this day.

Azzaro today
In 2006, the brand released a collection of men’s and women’s watches. All models were distinguished by healthy extravagance and conceptuality, and at the same time – intelligent restraint.

Admirers of this brand have the opportunity to sew an outfit for an individual order.

In 2012, designer M. Castello became the creative director of the company. Her collection of clothes, presented at the Paris Fashion Week in the same year, was liked by the public. According to critics, M. Castello carefully preserved all the features inherent in “Azzaro”.

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