Trends in women's clothing autumn-winter
Fashion 2021-2022 puts quality and versatility at the forefront. In autumn and winter, the trend will be things that emphasize individuality and good taste. Vintage sweaters Vintage sweaters are grandma's…

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Does brown suit me?
Do not rush to object: no, no, just not brown. For every woman there is that shade of brown that will show her beauty, nobility and elegance. Let's choose our…

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Vintage and modern fashion
This is not the first time we have argued that fashion is cyclical. What was in trend many years ago is regularly becoming a hit in the modern world. In…


These things should not be in the wardrobe of a woman 50+
Modern 50-year-old women lead an active lifestyle and do not look their age at all. The visual impression is controlled, for the most part, by the right wardrobe. What things…

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Fashionable women’s shoes

This spring, the tapestry pattern is fashionable, the lace on the boots is also unusually good. Rubber boots are still in fashion, but you should look for beautiful ribbons for them. ATVs are also recommended to add glamor with the same ribbons or lace tights.

tapestry boots

These are perhaps the most amazing. Boots for tapestry, lace, tartan. You don’t see them on every foot though. Rubber boots painted like lace are especially good, aren’t they?

Spring 2022 promises to be not only painted, but also colored. Orange was announced as the new red, which cannot but amuse. In addition to orange, other colors of the rainbow are also used. Red, by the way, is also found in places, but not so often and in shades closer to orange or brown.

It is also worth noting the contrasting combinations of recently completely incongruous colors. Yellow with blue – it’s a uniform mauvais ton! So soon we will wear pink and green, even if one of them is matte.

Good spring shoes

There is nothing special about these shoes. And the color is the most common, and there is no special patterning, you can’t hit anyone in the heart with a cut either. In general, such a solid, solid shoe, for every day, so that the legs do not get tired and do not tuck in high heels.

Adorable ATVs

Another example of a combination of incongruous: glamorous chic and all-terrain in the same boots. The brightest example of this is colored painted sneakers with heels. Rubber boots with ribbons are also unusually good, and high boots with polka dot ribbon touches even more. If your all-terrain vehicles lack glamor, then put them on with patterned tights, this will add glamor and save you from the cold.

This summer, even men cannot do without a floral print. They really need shorts, too, not to mention shirts, T-shirts, and at least a couple of new sweatshirts. New jeans – it’s not even discussed. The urgent need for a light summer sky blue jacket made of an expensive blended fabric with a pleasant matte sheen is not worth mentioning.

Summer men’s jacket

And here he is, the main character of our announcement. Choose not purely natural, but blended fabrics so that the jacket does not wrinkle, and then it has every chance of becoming the most versatile thing of this summer, which goes with jeans and a T-shirt, and even with a tie, shirt and cufflinks.

Men’s trousers, jeans and shorts for summer 2022

Light jeans, light trousers and, of course, shorts. This summer, no man can do without all three. And again, the main thing here is the quality of the fabric and cut. This is the main advantage and at the same time the main disadvantage of simple things – here is the main quality. The fabric should not stand with a stake, but it should not wrinkle either, each line should be flawless, each button should be in its place. In men’s things, quality flaws cannot be hidden behind a beautiful pattern or style. Here, conciseness and simplicity require aerobatics in cutting and sewing.

Men’s shirt, sweatshirt, t-shirt and sweater for summer 2022

A burgundy-colored sweatshirt with or without a slogan, a striped T-shirt, a thin knitted sweater and a denim shirt – all this is also simply a must-have in a summer men’s wardrobe. Otherwise, with what to wear jeans, trousers, shorts and what to wear under a jacket?

Two windbreakers: severe and flowered

So we got to the floral print promised in the first paragraph or, in order not to offend the gentle male soul, a protective floral pattern. If such patterns are drawn directly on jackets and ties, then men who are not so prone to fashionable worship can wear it on windbreakers.

In case of an attack of severe male conservatism, there should always be a severe men’s windbreaker in the closet, minimalist in cut and design. In this, at least on a hike, and at least to a meeting with a client. In the urban jungle, it will give a business look, and in nature and recreation – a tourist one.

South Korea never ceases to amaze the world with its unusually fast pace of development. Moreover, this development covers a variety of areas of activity: telephones, cars, stage … But what about fashion?

And fashion is not far behind. If not to say that it is rushing at a gallop, overtaking all the famous world brands in terms of its originality, freedom and compliance with the needs of the public. It is noteworthy that Korean fashion is developed and promoted not from the top down, from the couturier to the public, but vice versa: designers find their inspiration on the street, creating the image that will be not only original in its appearance, but also as comfortable as possible for a particular person. In the costumes of men and women, one can find features inherent in martial arts clothing, traditional attire, modern military, classic, sports style with a soft but tangible touch of romance.

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