Choosing clothes
In the life of any woman there was a first date, but for young girls it is just ahead. What to wear on a date to impress and please? Naturally,…

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Choosing clothes

In the life of any woman there was a first date, but for young girls it is just ahead. What to wear on a date to impress and please?

Naturally, on the first date there will be embarrassment and inconvenience. To avoid all this, you need to choose the right clothes for the first date and Chanel perfume. It is, first of all, comfort.

You should be comfortable in your date clothes and, of course, they should be stylish. On the first date, you need to make the right impression. You will enjoy socializing and will not think about how your clothes fit if you choose them correctly.

Fashionable women’s clothing offers you a choice. If you love jeans, then you should not refuse them. Top and tailored blazer will make your look more elegant. Stilettos and a modest attitude around the neck, and your outfit cannot be called everyday.

If it’s hot outside, a light, light-colored dress is the perfect outfit for a date. Decoration: necklace or voluminous bracelet. A universal option for a first date is a wrap dress. Creating a stylish look, it suits different figures. Classic shoes for such a dress just right.

Fashionable women’s clothing offers a short dress that can be worn with leggings; jersey dress comfortable knitted dresses. If you need to get on a date immediately after work, then you need to dress in the morning so that the image change occurs quickly. Replace stilettos, accessories, jacket with a light scarf – and your look is complete.

An important event in your life will pass easily and naturally, you will make an indelible impression on your chosen one!

Fashionistas in the coming season are simply nowhere without brooches. From now on, it is customary even to go to the beach only with brooches, and today it is also very fashionable to fit brooches to outerwear, and not one by one, but a whole loose! Bags, jackets, scarves … Everything requires some kind of brooches, jewelry and just for fun.

Brooch for every day

For those who like it more modestly, the rulers of fashionable ideas offer to choose brooches to match the color of clothes and wear them every day, as a matter of course, an accessory, and not something sort of, trendy and outrageous.

Everyday delights

If the “simple and tasteful” style is not for you and you prefer something more sophisticated, then silver on white is just what the fashion stylist prescribed for you personally. Massive brooches imitating necklaces and/or pinned on the collar of a white blouse are just that everyday sophistication that a quivering and contradictory female soul sometimes craves.

Note to business ladies

Fans of a severe business style should not pass by brooches either. Even the simplest brooch can turn a stern business style into no less severe, but much more interesting and individual. In addition, the original lapel brooch is a good way to attract attention and give food for thought and a topic for conversation. And there it is not far from productive business contacts and promising cooperation.

Chic, shine, beauty!

In contrast to the harsh efficiency, a whole scattering of brooches imitating a massive necklace. Against a knitted background, such an abundance of brooch looks extraordinarily impressive, which, of course, requires the closest attention and, quite possibly, implementation.

Brooches are never enough

On a denim jacket, brooches are the place, and the more, the better in the current fashion realities. Perhaps you have already had to decorate a denim jacket with badges, stripes and other insignia, but now it’s time for all kinds of brooches.

Brooch on a scarf

A brooch pinned to a scarf is a time-tested classic. For a trendy, rather than classic and slightly old-fashioned effect, choose unusual brooches and match them with even more original jewelry.

Brooch on swimsuit

Another way to emphasize your style and figure is a brooch pinned to the bodice of a swimsuit. If you have something to emphasize here, then be sure to use this fashion trend for strategic purposes or just for fun.

Brooches on the bag

A whole scattering of brooches on a bag is perhaps a little too much, and it catches on clothes, but the idea itself, you see, is worth the closest attention.

10 must-haves for men this summer
This summer, even men cannot do without a floral print. They really need shorts, too, not to mention shirts, T-shirts, and at least a couple of new sweatshirts. New jeans – it’s not even discussed. The urgent need for a light summer sky blue jacket made of expensive blended fabric with a pleasant matte sheen is not worth mentioning.

Summer men’s jacket

And here he is, the main character of our announcement. Choose not purely natural, but blended fabrics so that the jacket does not wrinkle, and then it has every chance of becoming the most versatile thing of this summer, which goes with jeans and a T-shirt, and even with a tie, shirt and cufflinks.

Men’s trousers, jeans and shorts for summer 2022

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