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White clothes

White color is associated with tenderness, purity, solemnity. It is the initial color of the sheet on which the drawing appears. It doesn’t matter if it’s canvas or fabric.
In nature, white flowers are romance and tenderness, and winter wraps everything around with the first snow.
White was present in the outfits of many peoples in different centuries. The color of nobles, monks, aristocracy. This color has historically been considered mourning.
Since childhood, everyone is used to wearing white outfits for the holidays:
snowflake and bunny – for matinees in kindergarten;
shirts with suits and sundresses – to school;
shirts and white dresses for prom;
shirts, blouses – for an office suit;
wedding white dress.
White things are not practical in everyday clothes, but how beautiful they look at any time of the year.
In spring – raincoats and coats, skirts, blouses.
In summer – sundresses and dresses, trousers and capris, skirts and shorts, T-shirts.
Autumn – jackets, hats, boots.
In winter – fur coats and sheepskin coats, fur hats, downy shawls.
And white lace underwear! Don’t take your eyes off seductive models.
White goes with all colors of clothing. This is the only color that is fashionable both on its own and in any combination with different shades of colors.
Traditional attire – white top, dark bottom suitable for business meetings. And picking up a bright scarf, beads, belt – you can go to a cafe or bar, walk around the city.
The combination of a black top and a white bottom in clothes makes you pay attention, something unsaid is hidden in this outfit, like an unfinished novel.
And the white color can be different:
tea rose color
All shades are good in clothing models. But you need to choose the right one from the many, suitable for your skin, in order to be charming in this outfit.
Fashion houses have not bypassed the white color in their outfits. They offer to wear white things both in everyday life and in solemn events. A combination of different textures in white outfits is considered beautiful. A lace dress or lace trims give the outfit lightness and tenderness. You can choose to white clothes and white accessories. It’s a hit in the summer. You will simply fly through the crowd like a cloud and will attract attention to yourself.
But it should be noted that not only women love this color in their wardrobe, but it will also find its use in men.
This color will always be in fashion. This color inspires dating, the purity of relationships. Be fashionable in any season of the year.

Men’s jackets
The jacket is such a thing that to this day, at least in a single copy, is present in the wardrobe of almost every modern man. Not to mention those cases when a man is an office worker, for whom the presence of a jacket, or even more than one, seems to be a vital necessity.

This thing is inherent in a variety of silhouettes and finishes.

A jacket with one button is not acceptable as business attire, rather suitable for men from show business.

The two-button jacket is recognized as a conservative model that has found its way into business suits.

The three-button jacket is characterized by its use both in business and informal suits, as well as as a separate jacket.

Four-button jackets are most often sports jackets with patch pockets, but in any case we are talking only about informal jackets.

Men’s jackets are always in fashion and exist, probably, for all occasions. They can be:

strict classical;
presented by casual models;
stylish streetwear.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a jacket, it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​the purpose for which it is purchased or for what occasion it should be intended. Not the last role is played by your preferences in terms of the material from which the jacket will be made, its density, colors, composition. As soon as you find an option that is acceptable in all respects, you can safely go to the fitting room!

How to find your style for a young man?
Sooner or later, every guy thinks about what style of clothing is most suitable for him. Now there are a great many different styles, but decades-old combinations of clothes serve as the basis for them.

Business style. First of all, these are, of course, classic suits – trousers and jackets combined with shirts. A tie is also required.

Free style. It is most relevant for those whose work can be considered creative. Despite the apparent simplicity, all the details are very clearly thought out. A sort of “neat negligence.”

Modern style. Such an image is created very carefully. All things meet the latest fashion trends. Delivery of goods from America by order will be a great option. Such men always attract attention with their impeccable taste.

Sporty style. For those who prefer convenience rather than the opportunity to show off clothes from the latest designer collections. However, with a skillful combination of wardrobe items and the presence of taste, even in this style you can look amazing.

White clothes
White color is associated with tenderness, purity, solemnity. It is the initial color of the sheet on which the drawing appears. It doesn't matter if it's canvas or fabric. In…


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