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Fashionable women's shoes
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Fashionable spring raincoats

In the spring, one of the main details of the wardrobe of every woman is a raincoat. This well-chosen thing can not only save you from cold winds and rains, but also give the image femininity.

Every season, designers try to surprise fashionistas with something interesting. And this coming spring is no exception. Airy, concise and light raincoats in warm pastel and bright colors will be in fashion.

What are the trends of the season?

Raincoats of the spring season will be characterized by a non-standard cut, an American collar, an asymmetric bottom. Traditional styles of raincoats remain in the trend – mac and trench coat. The length of such models can be any – mini, maxi, midi. Some fashion designers offer classic raincoats with an original cut. Fitted double-breasted raincoats will also be fashionable.

As for the colors of raincoats, the most popular will be clothes in soothing colors – gray, beige, white and black.

Animal print will be the hit of the season. Snake, leopard, python or zebra – each of these patterns can decorate a spring raincoat. Fashion designers are advised to combine such a print with a dark brown color, against which it will look noble and impressive.

There is also a floral print. Raincoats with large buds of flowers of blue, azure, turquoise and pale pink shades can be afforded by every romantic girl. In combination with a long skirt or a knitted dress, such a raincoat will create a beautiful feminine look.

What to wear raincoats with?

Follow the basic rule: the shorter the length of the raincoat, the higher the heel height of the shoes should be. It is preferable to wear a mid-thigh-length raincoat with high boots, which will visually lengthen the legs.

Knee-length raincoats go well with ankle boots. In this case, it is advisable to choose dark-colored tights – so they will merge with the shoes.

A raincoat below the knee goes well with flat shoes, low boots or ballet flats.

We hope that following fashion trends, you will make the right choice of raincoat. And then your image will rightfully attract the attention of everyone around you. Happy shopping!

When summer is on the nose, every girl dreams of a sun-drenched coast and gentle sea surf. However, you need to carefully prepare for the beach season. This article will not focus on grueling sports training for the perfect figure, but how the new 2022 swimwear collection looks like.

So, what will be fashionable this summer? What swimsuit should definitely be purchased by fashionistas in order to stay in trend even while lounging on velvet sandy beaches? Fashion swimwear 2022 hides the following trends:

1) Exotic prints

Exotic prints will make any woman’s silhouette attractive and unforgettable. After all, looking away from a bright girl is always very difficult. In addition, such swimsuits certainly look funny and interesting. Experts advise also to pay attention to light, bright and sparkling fabrics. You can use playful patterns and prints to draw attention to your delicate shoulders, dainty legs, or any other part of your body that you would like to show off.

2) Sports lady

Sports swimsuits are designed specifically for active girls who are always on the move. The ideal structure of such an outfit is based on the fact that it does not hide a beautiful body, but rather presents it in the best possible way. Fashionable swimwear in 2022 of the sports plan will make its owner proud of their forms, and swimming in them is a pleasure, as they are devoid of any discomfort. If you like this style, look for sleek, shiny fabrics, edgy details, and solid colors.

3) Solid silhouette

One piece swimsuits look really great and suit almost every girl. Choose a swimsuit with a plunging neckline if you have slender legs and a slim figure. Elastic fabrics such as nylon and lycra perfectly lift your chest and flatten your tummy. As a result, you will look like a sophisticated slim girl. One piece swimsuits are as sexy as even the most revealing outfits. You just have to dare to wear a swimsuit with an incredibly deep neckline or open back. So beautiful!

4) Black and white

The yin-yang effect creates a strong effect. This season’s designers have crafted a classic outfit so sophisticated, stylish and fresh that you’ll always look your best with no effort. Try mixing contrasting textures and prints to make your swimsuit look even more interesting. In addition, the undoubted advantage and magic of black is the fact that it will make you even slimmer.

Of particular note is the new 2022 swimwear collection from contemporary beachwear designers (Maaja, Barrack Chic and many others), whose fashion show took place not so long ago on Miami Beach.

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