Fashion trends spring-summer
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What colors will be fashionable in clothes

Designers from the Pantone Color Institute (Panton) from New Jersey told what colors will be the most relevant and stylish in 2022. The fashionable color palette included twenty shades.


In the autumn-winter season, monochrome black in clothes is in fashion. It is recommended to combine several different textures and materials. A monochrome look looks good when clothes of an interesting cut are used.

Also, black can be used in classic and standard combinations. A woman can dress completely in black, and at the same time look quite in trend.


The second most important tone of the new season. Designers introduce this shade in both warm and cold combinations. They look bright, fashionable and expensive.

Shades of white range from ash white to vanilla white. A completely white look can be “diluted” with black accents. It can be accessories: a belt, shoes, gloves or a hat. Black bows look very original on a white background.

Another trend is the classic combination of white and black in proportions 50/50: a white shirt (blouse) and a black skirt (trousers) of any cut.

blue mykonos

This trendy color got its name from its association with the hue of the Aegean.

This “watery” shade has a special depth and saturation. At the same time, the blue undertone helps to refresh the image somewhat. This color can be called universal, because it goes well with a large palette of shades. To create an optimistic symphony, it is recommended to combine mykonos blue with white: this combination is suitable for a classic pantsuit.

The blue-red scale looks more interesting and original. This combination looks especially great in a checkered print. The tandem of blue and yellow allows you to create a bright, somewhat bold summer or spring look.

Blue Mykonos looks great in a monochromatic design. A coat that has this stylish and rich shade looks very solid and respectable.


Juicy and rich shade makes it interesting to meet the spring and summer of 2022. It also perfectly warms the autumn-winter collection.

The main features of this color are friendliness and optimism. It is recommended to use it as an expressive accent. In a monochromatic version, yellow clothes make the image festive and airy.

If you want to make the image more rigid, then yellow should be combined with black. This is how an association arises with a strong and even dangerous image from nature (a bee, a tiger). The tandem of a yellow raincoat with black trousers and the same “top” (top, shirt) looks especially good.


Leprechauns are characters from Irish folklore. In legends and fairy tales, representatives of the “little people” are dressed in dresses of a bright green hue.

Leprechaun is an optimistic, refreshing color that carries a charge of forest color. Its undertone is a rich green. This color fits perfectly into fashionable floral patterns. He also creates a wonderful ensemble with a cage.

In summer, leprechaun tops and blouses should be worn. They will look good with both plain and patterned skirts. In autumn-spring, it is desirable to add accents of this shade to the image. Although leprechaun-colored outerwear also looks original and stylish.

fuchsia fedora

It’s a slightly edgy shade with hot pink undertones. In autumn and winter, this color looks unusual, but at the same time – bright and original. It seems to defy the leaden sky and dull colors outside the window. In context, it is more suitable for a youth wardrobe, although things of this color look great on mature women 40+.

Fuchsia-colored Fedora is an accent, dominant shade. in autumn and spring, you can wear shoes and outerwear made in this color. The combination of an oversized sweater or sweater with jeans or trousers of any cut, made in calmer, colder colors, looks interesting and bright.

pale rosette

This pastel pale pink shade is characterized by a lack of brightness and boldness. But in it there is lightness, tenderness and romance.

The color “pale rosette” seems to be specially created in order to envelop and soothe. It is perfect for creating a feminine look. Also with its help (with the right selection of accents) you can create a strict classic and even aristocratic image. The best combination: a pale pink top, a white top (jacket, shirt, blouse) and plain dark jeans of any cut.

dry clay

A very warm and earthy terracotta shade. It reminds not only of the clay that was dried under the sun’s rays, but also of the bottomless desert.

In fact, “dry clay” is a shade of yellow-brown. It has richness and depth. It is a color charged with positive energy, stable, balanced. It fits perfectly with the trendy colors of the autumn-winter season.

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