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Trends in women’s clothing autumn-winter

Fashion 2021-2022 puts quality and versatility at the forefront. In autumn and winter, the trend will be things that emphasize individuality and good taste.

Vintage sweaters

Vintage sweaters are grandma’s or grandpa’s pieces that still help create a stylish, vibrant look.

In autumn-winter, you can wear bright products with ornaments, or with a zipper in the middle. Sweaters with a vintage vibe are very popular, but the biggest fall trend this season is oversized sweaters.

Knitwear with colored stripes

Women of all ages should pay attention to both turtlenecks and knitted tops and polos.

The colored stripe adds brightness to the autumn-winter look, but does not oblige you to anything, as it can be the only accent.

You can wear these things with jeans and trousers of any style. If you want to stand out, you can wear printed knitwear with a floor-length skirt.

Knitten things

The current trend in the cold season is a knitted top combined with the same cardigan and a knitted skirt or trousers. The second important trend is a knitted dress. Knitted sweater can be combined with a knitted skirt, polo – with a cardigan.

This trend is popular because knitted items look very cozy. These things are warm and comfortable. Also, fashionistas have the opportunity to mix prints and colors of clothes. In one color scheme, you can make a monochrome image, and this is most welcome for winter.

Extra long sleeves

This is a winter and more catwalk trend, but you can adapt it for everyday wear.

Sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts that completely cover the hand look interesting, but the fingers should be visible – at least slightly. Such things protect well from the cold, look very comfortable, and at the same time they make the female image more mysterious and original.
Capes and ponchos

In the cold season, you can wear both short and elongated ponchos. Tall girls and women are advised to wear this piece of clothing with floor-length wide trousers (they can also be slightly cropped). People of average height should pay attention to capes with fringes: they can be worn with cropped and slightly tapered trousers.


This thing is especially recommended for girls and women of average height, and those who have flaws in the figure. Overalls do not have horizontal lines, and therefore visually lengthen the vertical component of the figure.

This piece of clothing can be either plain or printed, loose, or made in a stretch style. You can wear overalls with any shoes – even with elegant shoes, even with massive boots.

Two-piece suits

It can also be three-piece suits made of thin knitwear. The following combinations are quite interesting:

pencil skirt with a cropped cardigan or top;

cardigan with wide trousers (more “relaxed” set for the weekend).

To create a business office style, these suits should be worn with shoes with a small heel. In everyday life, it is recommended to put on your feet either elegant shoes or shoes with thick soles.

Pleated skirt

Pleated clothing is not new, but it is still a hot trend. It is especially recommended to take a closer look at it for ladies with magnificent forms: pleated inserts perfectly hide figure flaws.

If necessary, with the help of pleats, you can visually enlarge the hips. The opposite effect can be achieved by choosing a skirt with slightly wider pleats.

Straight fit trousers

The length can be either normal or large enough, the fit can be medium or high. Arrows add a touch of rigor: it looks interesting, even if the overall look is more sporty than classic. Pants can be worn with platform shoes or heels.

Wide models with larger tucks are still in trend. These trousers are very well combined with knitwear. Models with very wide legs and tapering down are perfectly played up with ankle boots or “Cossacks”.

Pants-pipes are also possible. But for them, you should choose either sock ankle boots that “hide” well under the bottom of the trousers, or pipe boots.

Pencil skirt

It is recommended to pay attention to the light A-line skirts and a length just below the knee. This is a great alternative to the classic tight “pencil”.

This thing can be adapted to both a business and casual look. Women who like tight-fitting silhouettes should take a closer look at tight jersey skirts. A small relief is allowed, and the suede texture looks the most original.

When wearing such a skirt, you will need to add a little volume on top. For this purpose, a jacket or shirt with an emphasis on the shoulders is suitable. The image can be supplemented with a voluminous sweater.

The pencil skirt with a wrap effect does not give up its positions. It is especially relevant for the urban image – especially if you often have to

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