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Steampunk style – popularity and development

Steampunk style (steampunk) is characterized by audacity, brutality and naturalism. It is based on things and accessories stylized as garments of the Victorian era (XIX century). The main features of the style: showiness, brightness, shocking.

What is this style
Steampunk is a branch of science fiction that models an alternative version of the development of mankind. That is, a civilization is being modeled, in which the perfect mastering of the technology of steam engines and various mechanical devices is possible.

As an independent direction, techno-style was formed in the 80s of the twentieth century.


A characteristic principle of the formation of trendy images is a harmonious combination of vintage wardrobe items and modern performance. A combination of several fashion styles is allowed, having the features of the following areas:

Steampunk is especially popular among young people, as well as among those who want to stand out from the crowd and show their individuality.

This style implies attention to any little things, from which a whole image is created. Belonging to a progressive era is symbolized by any details that allow you to create the appropriate aesthetics. This includes any things related to mechanics:

It is allowed to decorate things with copper or brass rivets. You can also use themed stainless steel jewelry.

The color scheme of this style is original and somewhat outrageous. The costume is dominated by burgundy, purple, blue, dark brown, carmine, black colors. Any variation of these shades is allowed.

All the colors of the Victorian era look a little worn out by time. The main emphasis is not on the brightness of the tint palette, but on the combination of colors. A combination of light and dark is allowed, but it is also interesting to combine items of clothing made in deep dark shades. Muted shades help to focus on the unusualness of the wardrobe itself.

For example, a black vest harmonizes with a blue shirt and brown ankle boots. But you should be careful with experiments: a couple of extra details, and the steampunk costume will become not stylish, but ridiculous.

Steampunk female image

The main details of the image:

headdress. The main option is a hat. You can wear both a high top hat and a small tablet. A mandatory element is the presence of a beautiful satin ribbon or any metal accessory like a gear;
shirt/blouse. Mandatory elements: the presence of pleats at the neck and lace. Clothing should be tight-fitting. the shade of the fabric should be neutral, but it is advisable to choose clothes in light pastel colors;
corset. This item of clothing for ladies of the 19th century is able to perfectly emphasize a slender waist and hide figure flaws. The corset can be worn as underwear, or worn as a vest. The corset, made in the form of a leather vest with brutal metal buttons, looks original and fresh;
skirt. This item of clothing is made of dense fabric. The length can be different – from midi to maxi. The main “highlight” is the overlay, which is a large number of assemblies that give the figure volume and splendor. This overlay is called tunure;
gloves. Real steampunk gloves have cut off fingers. The material used is either soft kid leather or elastic lace. The length of the gloves should be chosen depending on the features of the suit;
shoes. It is allowed to wear leather shoes with a steady heel, and boots with high lacing. Model stilettos that look great with skirts must be decorated with any metal detail.
The steampunk wardrobe does not have a pronounced gender affiliation. In addition to skirts, girls and women can also wear trousers (including men’s styles), as well as men’s shirts and ties.

Particular attention should be paid to makeup. Here you also need to choose calm shades. You should not resort to neon colors, as they do not fit into the Victorian look.

Suitable shades for shadows: metallic, pastel, golden. Suitable colors for lipstick: burgundy, red, pink, beige.

It is allowed to use rhinestones and sparkles on the face. but you should be more careful with it: if glasses are used as one of the accessories, then sparkles are useless. Otherwise, the fashionable image will turn into a fancy dress.

Steampunk male look

Practical wrinkle-resistant fabrics are used to create a steampunk look. Recommended shades are all dark, muted. Dominant colors: brown, black, gray. A striped print is allowed. Basic style elements:

shirt (shirt). It is made of thin fabric, the recommended shade is white. A vest must be worn over the shirt;
headdress. Bowler hat, or cylinder hat;

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