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Retro style dresses

Dresses in retro style are things that are as similar as possible to those that were created no later than 1980. They can be combined: in this case, modern materials are combined, for example, with retro buttons.

What are retro dresses
Retro dresses

A classic dress in retro style can emphasize the elegance of a female figure. Distinctive features of such clothes:

shallow neckline;
fitted bodice;
fitted silhouette.
Dresses are crimplen, velvet, satin, silk. Coloring can be both monophonic and very bright. Acceptable prints: polka dots, stripes, cage. One of the most popular models is the year dress. It is characterized by 3/4 sleeves and a high stand-up collar.

In trendy retro dresses, you can find asymmetrical drapery, high waist, as well as lace and corsets.

What to wear with retro dresses
Modern dresses in retro style

The main feature of the outfit in retro style is a single style. It is desirable to select retro accessories for such a dress. But, given that we live in an era when fashion allows you to combine the incongruous, it is allowed to combine “vintage” dresses with accessories from other eras.

In the old days, dresses were worn with:

mini-handbags, the shape of which resembled an envelope;
long-brimmed hats;
gloves (long, tight-fitting);
belts (wide, varnished);
large glasses with tinted lenses;
head or neckerchiefs.
The outfit, made in the style of the 20s, is perfectly combined with a fur boa, elegant shoes with a rounded toe, and fishnet stockings. Dress a la 60-70 goes well with a headband and elegant turban.

As decoration, you can use decorative pins, large brooches, a thin string of pearls, or long beads.

Types of retro dresses

Types of retro dresses:

twenties style. The outfit is suitable for tall owners of a slender figure and long legs. Characteristics: “torn” asymmetric hem, no sleeves, straight fit, large cutout on the back. With appropriate accessories, such a dress helps to create the image of a femme fatale vamp;
thirties style. Such clothes will suit a woman of any height and build, but it looks best on owners of an hourglass figure. Characteristics: bright colors (particularly pink), stand-up collar, ¾ sleeves, or long, square shoulders;
forties style. Suitable for slim women. Differences: fit, narrow shoulders, wide hem. The skirt, sewn from several layers of fabric, has become longer and more fluffy. Dresses with puffed sleeves and lace white bows are in trend. Fashionable prints: polka dots, and any other small pattern;
fifties style. Suitable for women of any body type. Differences: fluffy skirt, midi length, or maxi. The trend was a combination of contrasting colors, such as gray and pink. prints: polka dots, cage. The outfit is combined with any shoes with high heels and stockings with a seam;
style of the sixties (the time of “sex epil” and dudes). Suitable for tall and slender ladies. Short dresses were made of artificial leather. Differences: bright colors, simple cut, sophisticated silhouette. Under the dress put on dimensionless, or lace tights. Suitable shoes – boots without heels;
style of the seventies (hippie time). Features vibrant floral prints. Suitable for women of any age, height and build. The style of the dresses was different. Fashionistas of that time could wear both shapeless hoodies and loose-fitting outfits. trendy things a la the 70s: shirt dresses and mini-length products.
Lace patterns
Retro lace dresses

Lace came into fashion at the beginning of the 20th century, and was used as the main decoration material until the 60s. Handmade lace was especially valued (and is valued now).

Lace dresses of the 1920s are richly trimmed. On dresses a la the forties, with the help of lace, they decorated the hem, collars and cuffs.

The heyday of fashion for lace products fell on the fifties. Especially for the celebrations, evening dresses were sewn: for this, openwork lace fabric was used. A characteristic feature was voluminous petticoats. Small clutch bags and short lace gloves were used as accessories.

curvy models
Puffy dresses in retro style

The fashion for such outfits appeared thanks to the “stars” of European and American cinema. In the fifties and sixties, the trend was a floral print.

The waistline of such outfits is very clear, the bodice is structured and strict. The neckline is large, the shoulders are open. The bell skirt has a large pleat and a somewhat asymmetrical length. Layered petticoats were used to create volume. The material for them was starched satin, or hard taffeta.

Knitted patterns
Knitted retro dresses

Such products came into fashion at the turn of the sixties and seventies, in the era of free morals, the sexual revolution and hippies. Knitwear in muted shades (especially dark ones) could be worn all year round. Characteristic feature: long wide sleeves with thin cuffs

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