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Trend of the year – open back

An open back on clothes is one of the main trends of the past and current year. A flirty neckline gives the image elegance and touching. We have all got used to the neckline of varying degrees of depth, and the open back receives much more attention.

Back cutouts aren’t just for dresses. It is relevant on blouses, T-shirts, sports tops, jumpers. With him, any clothing is transformed and becomes boring.

In this article, we will look at interesting options for cutouts on clothes, as well as how to wear them correctly.

Back cut options
A classic option that suits any occasion. Such a cutout can be used both for a festive exit and for a city walk. The shape of the cut makes the back and shoulders visually narrower, which will help to correct the figure. The depth can be any, but a deep cut is still more suitable for special occasions.

V-neck back

And this option is much less common than the previous one. The round neckline looks more touching, and if it is high enough, the fastener of the bra will not be visible.

O-cut back

But such a neckline can make the back wider, so it suits fragile girls. He looks a little rough, but that’s what attracts attention.

Rectangular cutout at the back

And this is an intermediate option between a rectangular and V-shaped neckline. It is more gentle, suitable for romantic dates.

Oval cutout back

with a bow
And this is a very cute option that will give +100 points to femininity. The bow can be big or small, have long ends or none at all. The number of bows may vary.

Bow neckline

With straps
This cut looks discreet and very elegant. Such an image is perfect for any celebration, going to the theater, etc. The straps can be thin or very wide.

Elegant neckline with straps

With rhinestones
Such a cut turns the clothes into a festive one, which is suitable for the most solemn occasions. Thanks to the beautiful and eye-catching back, you can not use jewelry – chic is enough anyway.

Formal neckline with rhinestones

As you have already noticed, cutouts on the back can have a different shape, size and decor. But if you want to impress everyone, you can find very creative options that will attract a lot of attention.

Creative and unique cutouts on the back of clothing

How to wear cutout backs
Don’t wear a bra
Perhaps the most obvious advice, but many neglect it. The neckline is designed to emphasize the beauty of the back and does not imply a bodice on it. He immediately spoils the whole charm and idea.

Don’t wear a cutout back with a bra

This is not how you should wear it

No need to wear a bra with silicone straps. They are clearly visible on the body and look almost as bad as regular ones. It is better not to wear any at all or use silicone pads.

Keep track of your skin
If it’s not perfect, it’s better to put off the back-cut clothes until better times. If a pimple popped up on the eve of the event, you can mask it with mineral powder.

And in general, to make the back look beautiful, you can apply lotion or powder on it with a slight shimmer effect.

Watch your posture too
Not only skin rashes spoil the image with an open back. If you decide to focus on this part of the body, then keep an even posture.

Apply cream with SPF
If you go for a walk, put sunscreen on your back. Otherwise, you will not only get an intricate tan, but also a great chance of getting pigmentation.

turn up your hair
In order not to divert attention from the cutout on the back, it is better to collect the hair higher. If they close it, then the effect of the style of clothing will not be so strong.

Add embellishments
You can easily turn an ordinary cut-out outfit into a dressier one by simply adding a long chain that dangles nicely from the back.

Combination of embellishments and back cutout

Add heels
Clothing with a cutout on the back is more of a romantic style, and the same shoes are asking for it. The cutout on the back is best combined with neutral pumps and open sandals. But it all depends on the product itself and the desired image.

Clothing with a cutout on the back always looks elegant and non-trivial. When choosing such an outfit, be sure that your image will turn out to be fashionable, elegant and often unique.

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