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Rules for combining retro things with ordinary ones

In 2021, vintage has become more popular than ever. The demand for it has arisen due to the growth of conscious consumption and the desire to stand out through exclusive images.

Note that vintage includes everything that was at the height of fashion 30 years ago until the 30s of the XX century. Vintage items were created by popular designers and reflected the spirit of their time. And retro means clothes simply from the past. It was created by ordinary tailors, although in terms of quality it could not be inferior to designer things. But for convenience, we will put these two concepts in one row, since both clothing options are in fashion.

Vintage and retro look expensive, noble and extraordinary. However, it is important to wear them correctly so as not to get the image of an urban crazy. In this article, we will show you how to use vintage and retro pieces to achieve a trendy look.

How to wear vintage and retro: 9 rules
1. Wear no more than 1 item per outfit.
Vintage from head to toe (including shoes, hair) is only suitable for themed parties. For publication, this option is not suitable. Therefore, it is better to choose 1 thing representative of the past era and combine it with modern clothes. For example, a retro skirt with a modern blouse or t-shirt. Or a vintage blouse with modern jeans.

You need to complement the image with another vintage thing very carefully. Images of girls dressed from head to toe in retro style look interesting only in the photo. In real life, you need to have impeccable taste so that the clothes do not look like from a grandmother’s chest.

2. Add vintage accessories.
And this is the easiest way not to overdo it with retro. Wear an old brooch, John Lennon glasses, a scarf headband, or complete the look with a vintage bag. Such details will attract attention and make you want to take a closer look at them. Antique buttons or vintage lace trim on the pockets and collar can also act as a small accent.

3. Choose universal, basic things.
Bright leggings or neon leggings are suitable only for a photo shoot. In order to wear retro things and look stylish every time, you should give preference to clothes that will easily fit into your wardrobe. Choose vintage shirts, raincoats, trench coats, t-shirts and skirts that are easy to pair with modern pieces.

4. Consider current trends.
Thanks to this, you will create a unique and trendy look. For example, accent sleeves and loose fit jeans are now in trend. Choose a vintage leather jacket with large sleeves, a blazer with an extended shoulder line, or mom jeans. They will go well with modern t-shirts, tops and accessories.

If, on the contrary, your goal is to stand out with vintage clothing, then choose things that do not reflect the current trend. For example, while the zebra pattern is in fashion, few people will notice that your coat with such a print was created in another era.

5. Consider your style.
If you’re into a classic style, you’ll have a hard time fitting in a vintage boho fringed tunic. But ultra-skinny Dior skirts from the 50s are perfect for your wardrobe and will allow you to create interesting looks for work and going out. Clothes from the past should make you happy, not create additional problems.

6. Wear modern hairstyles.
Vintage clothes look good with vintage hair only in the photo. To appear in such an image on the streets of the city, you must have impeccable taste, be able to perfectly select things and have a suitable appearance. The same goes for makeup. It should be modern and fit your face, and not reflect the trends of the past.

7. The thing should sit perfectly on you.
Like any other piece of clothing, vintage pieces should fit your figure well. If, for example, a retro skirt cuts your legs, and a blouse adds 2 sizes to you, you should refuse to buy them. Otherwise, you risk getting a very ridiculous image and a bunch of sidelong glances. Choose vintage items that not only fit well, but also have shades that match your appearance.

8. Complete the look with modern shoes.
Finding well-preserved vintage shoes is a real challenge. And worn-out shoes will not add beauty. Use quality modern shoes. For example, rough boots will look good with a vintage biker jacket, and pumps with an A-line skirt from the 60s.

9. Don’t chase perfect things.
The older the thing, the more difficult it is to remain in its original form. If you look for a vintage thing with absolutely no defects, you can be left with nothing. In such products, a small flaw is allowed that does not spoil the overall appearance. These are things with history and this is their charm.

So, the easiest way to not go wrong with a vintage look is one item from the past per look. Choose items that fit well and blend easily with the rest of your outfit.

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Rules for combining retro things with ordinary ones
In 2021, vintage has become more popular than ever. The demand for it has arisen due to the growth of conscious consumption and the desire to stand out through exclusive…


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