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Platform shoes

Platform shoes are perhaps the most controversial piece of clothing. Bursts of popularity of shoes and boots with thick soles are replaced by periods of complete anathema. Today, the platform has returned to fashion and has not lost popularity for the second year.

The main shoe fashion hit of the late 2000s – high-heeled shoes with a platform instead of a thin sole in front – was created by Yves Saint Laurent. Shoes could be seen on the heroines of films, on the legs of socialites. Soon, shoe models stylized as the original took to the streets. But after several years of popularity, platform shoes were forgotten for several years and returned only in 2021 collections.

Green platform sandals

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The platform has not just replaced the usual sole in shoes and boots. She supplanted other shoe options.

At the shows of the autumn-winter collections of 2020-2021, the stars of modern fashion were the first to present shoes with a platform. Prada showed stocking boots with a massive, slightly angular platform, decorated with a psychedelic print. Versace offered high-platform satin shoes with a thin ankle strap. Following them, other brands adorned their collections of 2021-2022 with platform shoes:

Giambattista Valli;
The platform from their submission is now on summer sandals, ankle boots and boots, sports-style shoes and even military-style boots.

Leather platform shoes

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Manufacturers play with high soles in different ways. It looks flat or has a rise (wedge) and is combined with a tractor tread.

Platform Benefits
Many options for platform shoes allow you to create sets with clothes in classic, romantic, avant-garde and sports style. They can be worn in summer and winter, in any other season.

Platform shoes are comfortable to walk in. Like the heel, it visually lengthens the legs, makes the figure slim, but does not tire the legs even if you have to walk a lot during the day.

Summer platform sandals

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Shoes, ankle boots, platform sandals are more stable than shoes with heels of the same height. Wedge shoes are devoid of the disadvantages that shoes, sandals and boots with heels have. In it, the weight of the body is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the sole, and does not move to the toe.

The platform allows you to create new looks with the things that you already have in your wardrobe.

Winter boots go well with flared jeans, leather trousers.
Stocking boots – with a mini dress, a puffy skirt and a shirt dress.
Platform over the knee boots are the perfect accompaniment to shorts and a pleated miniskirt when paired with knee socks.
Thanks to the ability to create many combinations with the platform, fashionistas look relevant and do not spend extra money on it.

What are shoes made of?
Platform shoes are made from natural and synthetic materials. In the collections of the spring-summer season, models of sandals with leather and fabric tops are presented. Their sole is made of cork, wood, polyurethane.

These materials have many advantages:

The cork sole is almost weightless, so you can walk in sandals or shoes all day without feeling tired. The lack of natural material in its plasticity – under the weight of the body, the cork is deformed, the shoes become unusable.
The wooden sole, decorated with slots, looks original and makes the shoes a real work of art. The disadvantage of such shoes is their high cost and considerable weight. Walking in sandals with wooden soles quickly tires.
Polyurethane or rubber outsole is lightweight and flexible. Shoes on such a platform are comfortable and inexpensive. Rubber and polyurethane are used to make soles for summer, spring and demi-season models.
Brown platform sandals

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Plastic is the most inexpensive and short-lived material from which summer platform shoes are made.
Fashionistas who want to wear trendy shoes of good quality and at a reasonable price choose models with jute soles. Summer shoes and sandals on a rope platform look stylish, they are light and comfortable, but they last for one or two seasons.

Leather and fabric platform sandals

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The trend for platform shoes in 2022 is gaining momentum. In spring and summer looks, we will see not only a solid high sole, but also sharp stilettos combined with a platform under the toe. Leading designers predict the appearance of an abundance of shoes made of satin, the finest leather, and denim on the summer streets. And for autumn, they recommend stocking up on smart wedge ankle boots and stylish sneakers for walking.

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