Trends in women's clothing autumn-winter
Fashion 2021-2022 puts quality and versatility at the forefront. In autumn and winter, the trend will be things that emphasize individuality and good taste. Vintage sweaters Vintage sweaters are grandma's…

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How to use lace in clothes
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Vintage and modern fashion
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Meryl Streep wears Prada?
For 40 years, from "Kramer vs. Kramer" to "The Devil Wears Prada", including the Oscars and numerous magazine covers, we have enjoyed the images of the brilliant actress Meryl Streep.…

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Meryl Streep wears Prada?

For 40 years, from “Kramer vs. Kramer” to “The Devil Wears Prada”, including the Oscars and numerous magazine covers, we have enjoyed the images of the brilliant actress Meryl Streep. They are loved, recognizable and are a source of inspiration. Let’s try to borrow elements of the Meryl Streep style into your wardrobe.

Meryl Streep style

What associations does Meryl Streep make in you, the owner of 3 Oscars and 21 nominations for it, as well as 30 nominations for the Golden Globe and a record 9 wins? Who is she for you – housewife Joanna Kramer, who is at war with her husband for her son, Helen Archer, desperately struggling with poverty and hopelessness, or successful Miranda Priestley? … The images of Meryl Streep are colorful – without eye-catching colors, they convey the whole range of human emotions – without visible effort, they are natural and devoid of any pretentiousness. They embody elements of the actress’s style in movies and in her personal life.

Let’s try to borrow these elements in your wardrobe. We have selected 12 key things that reflect the style of Meryl Streep, and which will help you transform into your favorite movie star.

1. Grandpa’s jacket
A voluminous grandfather jacket can often be seen on the heroines of Meryl Streep. Paired with a graphic print blouse, a midi skirt and a pair of high boots, it recreates the 80s nostalgic vibe. Today, a knitted cardigan is considered one of the most fashionable things. It can be worn over a turtleneck and a dress, tucked into jeans and even worn over a naked body.

Grandpa’s jacket
Madeleine cardigan | Cardigan | Dress In Cardigan | Jacket MYBC

2. Tweed jacket
In the films of the 70s and 80s, Meryl Streep wore men’s jackets with a plaid shirt, midi skirt and high boots. Meryl Streep’s characteristic style. In 2021, we are also happy to wear men’s jackets, however, we change the shirt for a sweatshirt with a hood. And at all times, the combination of a tweed blazer with a silk evening dress remains ultra feminine.

3. Club blazer and polo shirt
Preppy-style is a win-win option for girls with noble facial features and manners. The style of the elite youth of Preppy adequately combines simplicity, elegance and aristocracy. To look Preppy, just wear a club blazer and polo shirt, as Meryl Streep style demonstrates. Complete the outfit with faded blue jeans and a pair of navy blue sneakers.

4. Wool pea coat with turned up collar
Nothing emphasizes the fragility and sensuality of a woman like clothes taken from a man’s wardrobe. One of these models is a woolen pea jacket. The manner of wearing a coat, turning up the collar, refers to old Hollywood films. Hiding half of her face, the heroine seems to bring an aura of mystery, and it looks very stylish.

5. Icy, white, beige…
An exquisite combination of light tones – beige-gray, white and icy, emphasizes the character of the image: natural, aristocratic, where female power is manifested not by aggressive sexuality, but by subtle sensuality. A noble combination of delicate cold shades – the style of Meryl Streep.

6. Quilted vest
The combination of jeans with a sweater and a sleeveless down jacket is typical for films of the 80s. One of Meryl Streep’s style elements. However, today this image is also relevant and can be easily copied.

7. The collar of the tunic
It can be seen that often the heroines of Meryl Streep prefer shirts with a “tunic” collar to shirts with a traditional Italian collar. Meryl Streep style. In this case, the female neck looks more elegant, and the image as a whole is more fragile and feminine.

8. Mix of emerald and purple
Purple is the most controversial color in the color palette, it is deep and complex. Meryl Streep often chooses purple in her clothes. It harmoniously adds emerald green, light and cheerful to the strict purple. You can try to repeat this extraordinary combination or be content with a print that combines both shades.

9. Tuxedo
The tuxedo is another item that women have borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, and which today is a great alternative to an evening dress. Tuxedo – Meryl Streep style. Wear a tuxedo like Meryl Streep and bet on its timeless chic

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