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Dress up in fashion capital style and see what happens

Where does fashion live? Where do styles come from, and where does the creme de la creme public live? Of course, in megacities, in the Big Four of the fashion world: in Paris, London, Milan and New York. Even if you have not been there, but love fashion, you can dress in the style of fashion capitals and see how life will change.

Black hat

Paris, Milan, New York and London are the most beautiful fashion cities. This is where fashion fans and ambitious creators strive, where fashion trends are born, styles and unique images are formed. Let me take you on a short tour of the typical looks of these fashion meccas.

Paris: French style
Paris is the brightest symbol of fashion. We know the names of French designers by heart, like a multiplication table, and more than once we caught ourselves on how the heart stops from couture shocks. However, the real French style is not at all outrageous images of cafe-chantant dancers and sexy candy girls. True to the concept of naturalness, everyday French style is not at all frilly, but completely individual. As a rule, the components of the image are a cardigan made of delicate woolen or cashmere yarn, a blouse with a pattern, tight plain trousers or a pencil skirt, pumps or ballet flats.

Accessories add chic to the look: vintage earrings, bracelets, as well as silk squares with a pattern that can be worn both as a neckerchief, as a hairband, and as a handbag decoration. French style is a unique combination of elegance, chic and comfort. Dress French at Peterhahn.de.

Milan: fashion as a cultural heritage
Unlike the French image, which is built on muted shades, Milanese fashion is not shy and attracts attention with bright colors and patterns. As accent accessories, Milanese style chooses spectacular retro-style sunglasses and trendy shoes.

Milanese style says: you must stand out from the crowd. Basic support is provided by a fitted skirt, flounced blouse and super soft leather jacket. Complementing the basic set with a chic bag, oversized glasses and trendy shoes, you will get the perfect Italian look. Peterhahn.de. prompts: look for Italian-style clothes in the new collection of the catalog.

London: Brit Chic
Tweed, coarse knit, wool, cashmere are the unshakable pillars of the British image. Brit Chic style is characterized by a skillful combination of tradition and timeless elegance, which, thanks to anachronistic details, gives the image a touch of subtle eccentricity.

Dressing in Brit Chic style is simple: a mustard yellow checkered wool jacket, corduroy trousers or wide leg jeans, a vintage-patterned shirt and a matching accessory, such as a classic box bag in dark leather. Find Brit Chic elements at Peterhahn.de.

New York: Contemporary Art
The cosmopolitan character of New York is transferred to its fashion component. Violating standards in architecture, art and culture, the metropolis does not stop at fashion. Multifaceted and infinitely self-confident, the city transfers character traits to the images of its inhabitants.

Out-of-the-ordinary fashion in New York is bold experiments with a combination of colors, shapes and styles. So, you can easily wear a camouflage pleated skirt with an oversized lime sweatshirt, throw an orange jacket over it and complete the look with a contrasting color handbag and fashionable glasses. Unconventional New York fashion awaits you in the collections of Peterhahn.de.

What style do you prefer? Whatever your choice, in the Peterhahn.de online store you will find many inspiring pieces and images. Dress in the style of the fashion capitals and you will feel how everything around you will change. Surprisingly, your surroundings will acquire the flair and features of an ideal world. And, perhaps, the real capital of fashion will kindly open its doors to you.

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