If not jeans, then what?
Of course, jeans are rightfully considered the most versatile thing in a woman's wardrobe. It would seem that it could be easier: you take out your favorite pair and put…

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Who suits black

Everyone loves black, it slims, protects, adds significance. But with knowledge of the matter, we can say that the black color in clothes practically … does not suit anyone. Don’t believe? Let’s figure it out.

Black coat

Black is the favorite color of most women, and they wear it with pleasure.At the same time, black color in clothes is ategoriccally contraindicated for most women. Why? Because often he literally “eats” a woman, crosses out her attractiveness and natural charm, drags her into an incomprehensible abyss, erasing her character and facial features. He has the most powerful energy and will, giving the right to claim complete superiority. Do you have the strength to fight him on equal terms and win?

However, let’s start in order. So, black is the most controversial and controversial color scheme in the color palette of clothes. Let’s understand its essence.
Why do we love black?
On the one hand, symbolizing the “lack of color”, black absorbs all existing shades. It is a kind of gravitational funnel, creating the illusion of infinity, silence, power, mystery. Wearing it, we feel protected and confident. We close ourselves in our world, getting rid of imperfections, worries, claims and competition. The noble asceticism of the black justifies our infantilism and helplessness. In it we become more significant in our own eyes. As a proven convincing argument, we put forward the idea of ​​​​its magical property to slim.
Why don’t we like black?
Psychologists say that losers, insecure people who are prone to depression, those who feel unhappy and alien, who inadequately perceive the world around them, choose black in clothes.

There is some truth in this. In almost all cultures, black is considered a negative color: it is worn on days of mourning and grief. In black, artists and writers depict losers, envious people, villains, losers. A threat emanates from him: “black forces”, “black widow”, a swastika, a pirate flag …

Popular beliefs say: if you want to push away from yourself, arouse hostility, go unnoticed – dress in black.
Why is black an extraordinary color?
Black color is full of mystery and contradictions, it frightens and attracts at the same time. Perhaps that is why it dominates the wardrobe of modern active women. A black suit is an indisputable weapon at business meetings and negotiations. Women use black color in clothes as an attribute of power, pressure and self-confidence.

The triumph of black in clothing began in 1926, when Mademoiselle Coco Chanel introduced the Little Dress to the world. The dress stunned women with its simplicity and versatility. American Vogue wrote a legendary article on this occasion, giving the new wardrobe item the status of “Ford” in the fashion world. This meant that the Chanel dress was like a popular brand of car, as chic, versatile, affordable and… black. Mademoiselle herself remarked in an interview: “I have always said that black contains everything. He is perfect beauty. Absolute harmony.

Today, black is incredibly popular, designers consider it the epitome of elegance and sexuality.
Underline or underline?
And yet – to wear black or not?

Indeed, the black color in clothes emphasizes the strength, elegance, wisdom, power and superiority of a woman … however, only if the woman is really elegant, smart, self-confident and has bright charisma and powerful energy. Such a woman is able to subjugate a black man, not to fall into his gravitational funnel, but to pacify, forcing her to work for her image.

If a woman is gentle, soft, sensual, romantic, doubtful, with an insufficient supply of strength and energy, she is obviously a loser; black will swallow it, leaving no trace of individuality and charm.

What to do if it doesn’t work, but you really want to?
If you really want to, then you have to allow yourself. These rules will help you come to terms with black.
Black is the perfect color, it requires perfection in everything: clean skin and hair, clean shoes, well-groomed nails.

Make-up should be mandatory, but close to natural; focus on the eyes, not the lips.

Black looks luxurious only on good quality fabrics; cheap invoices create the effect of poverty. Dresses, coats, luxe class jackets you will find in the elite Madeleine and Peter Hahn online stores on our website – order, we will deliver them to you from Germany in the best possible time.

Black color becomes more “alive” in combination with accessories; wear fancy earrings, designer watches, vintage bracelets.

Black looks chic with dark glasses; trendy glasses will add the image of “starry” and chic.

Combine it not only with white and red; try all the colors: green, pink, purple, gold, gray; Parisians, for example, love to combine black with navy blue.

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