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What color to celebrate 2022

The trend is outfits with voluminous sleeves, as well as asymmetry and open shoulders.

What color to celebrate 2022

Trendy colors
It is recommended to meet the new year in outfits of the following colors:

brown (all shades).
Fabrics such as satin, silk and velvet will help create an interesting New Year’s look.

What color to meet 2022

It is recommended to choose outfits of a noble emerald hue, emphasizing the dignity of the figure. The dress should have asymmetrical sleeves. A cut is allowed – not provocative, but bold enough.

Emerald dress

Large earrings will help complete the look. They can be replaced with a textured handbag or a shimmering necklace. You can wear metallic sandals on your feet. If you want to create a business image, then the classic version of shoes is “boats”. Ankle boots with a tight-fitting top will help to make the bow more extravagant.

Classic black outfit for the new year

To look luxurious and spectacular, you should wear a black dress embroidered with sequins. A suitable decoration is long earrings with rhinestones or a massive ring.

“Classic” look can give black sandals on a thin strap. A pair of leather knee high boots will bring a little sultry vibe to your look. They can be replaced with ankle boots with heels: the nose of such shoes should be sharp.

Blue luxurious New Year’s dress

The perfect outfit for a New Year’s party is a dark blue viscose dress. It can be complemented with lace inserts. You can complement the outfit with chandelier earrings or a multi-layered necklace. Fits cuff bracelets too. They can be replaced with a large ring.

Recommended shoes are leather boots and high heels. They can also be worn after the party.

The silver color dress goes well with the drapery and flowing loose sleeves. Massive jewelry should be selected for it – for example, earrings in crystals. They can be replaced with a compact bag of beads.

This outfit goes well with elegant “boats”. The bow will be more interesting if you wear high-heeled boots or ankle boots on your feet.

Silver pumps

A turquoise dress should be embroidered with sequins. The finished image can be complemented with minimalist silver jewelry or pearl earrings. Or you can not do this: the dress is interesting in itself.

If you don’t have a perfect figure, choose an outfit with a V-neck. The recommended style – on a smell.

golden shoes

The main “trick” of the outfit is the presence of gold sequins. A golden dress goes well with a mini length, with black tights and voluminous sleeves.

You can wear this dress with:

high boots with heels;
over the knee boots;
ankle boots;
Black sandals

Decorations should be as concise as possible. Ideal – hoop earrings. A minimalist clutch is allowed. If you want to add a “zest” to the image, you can decorate your hair with a small velvet bow hairpin.

Brown dress

A brown dress should be made of shiny fabric. The desired cut is asymmetrical.

Long earrings go well with this outfit. They can be replaced:

elegant headband;
shiny miniature hairpins;
headband with stones or rhinestones.
An unobtrusive accent will help to make a clutch made of velvet or satin. Wear elegant silver shoes on your feet. To make the bow more charming and attractive, it is recommended to do accent eye makeup.

trendy styles
Elegant black dress

For the meeting of 2022, the following styles are suitable:

jacket dress. It is suitable for young ladies and ladies who want to create a strict, but at the same time elegant and sensual image. The recommended shade is black. Desirable accent details: miniature sack bag, satin clutch, golden chain around the neck. You can wear such a dress with high boots, with leather pumps, or with elegant sandals;
wrap dress at the waist. It can be worn with an elegant pendant on a thin chain, with a multi-layered necklace, with minimalist earrings (with rings or pendants). Over the dress, you can wear a men’s cut jacket (can be complemented with satin inserts) or an oversized cardigan;
wrap midi. This outfit is recommended for young ladies and ladies with an imperfect figure: it is able to hide imperfections on the hips and abdomen, as well as emphasize the waist and visually lengthen the neck. You can wear this dress with Mary Jane shoes, with elegant sandals, or with silver pumps.
New Year’s outfit can be sewn from silk, satin or velvet. The blue tiger will be satisfied if your bow is elegant, feminine and moderately liberated.

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