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Everyone loves black, it slims, protects, adds significance. But with knowledge of the matter, we can say that the black color in clothes practically ... does not suit anyone. Don't…

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Platform shoes
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Peter Hahn’s stylists recommend: mix prints and patterns, it’s trendy

For the new season, the stylists of the Peter Hahn catalog proposed a radical trend: a bold combination of prints and patterns. From classic elements, decorative ornaments and flowers, you will get breathtaking images. Today we will show you how to competently combine drawings and patterns.

Patterned skirt

Prints and patterns are the hot trend of the autumn-winter 2021/2022 season. Geometric shapes – circles, rhombuses, squares, combined with flowers or spots of wild cats, create exotic color paintings that invite fantasies and dreams. We’ll show you how to combine prints and patterns like a pro.

1. How to emphasize your advantages with the help of a print
Extravagant patterns and bright prints attract the eyes of others like a magnet – it’s clear that they should be located in the most advantageous places. For example, if you have long, slender legs, focus on printed trousers or a skirt, printed trousers will emphasize the beauty of your legs. Choose trendy prints at Peter Hahn.

2. How to skillfully combine shades and patterns in clothes
The right combination of shades and patterns always gives an exciting effect. Take a blouse with a floral print – it will sparkle with cheerful shades of petals, if you choose light jeans and a cardigan that matches the colors of the shirt as partners. An elegant expensive look can be created by combining black trousers with a black and white patterned blouse and a colored blazer. Use the rule: the brighter the picture, the calmer the palette. Choose trendy prints at Peter Hahn.

3. How to combine an extravagant leo print
How to combine prints in clothes if one of them is leopard? Very simple: keep the right balance. Your image should be noticeable, look original, but be without busting. An exemplary extravagant look is made up of your sense of style and a bit of courage. Choose trendy prints at Peter Hahn.

Stylist Tips

To make the leo print, attracting attention, always look creative, but not defiant, use the following trick: complement the outfit with a one-color part, for example, a scarf. A large solid color area calms the overly aggressive nature of the leo print and makes the look stylish yet elegant.

For a trendy fall 2021 look, pair stripes with stripes. For example, wear a shirt with a transverse stripe under a cardigan with a longitudinal one. The stripes can be of different widths and different colors. Or use a mix of a striped thing with a solid color – best of all in a color that is found in stripes.

The simplest combinations of prints are a mixture of geometric patterns such as stripes, polka dots, triangles. This combo looks classy and doesn’t overstep the bounds of elegance. No wonder the classic striped shirt is the basis of any wardrobe.

Another idea: combine different patterns that are identical to each other in color. For example, a dark blue spotted cardigan with a blue striped pullover.

In business style, combinations of blocks with prints look creative and fresh, for example, navy striped trousers + floral blouse or a plaid skirt + striped shirt.

4. Which pattern suits which figure
Of course, you know that thin vertical stripes are slimming: they visually stretch the silhouette, making you taller and slimmer. Just like the narrow horizontal stripes of a vest. There is another rule: big – big, small – small. So, for women with curvaceous shapes, drawings with large elements, for example, large floral ornaments, wide stripes, are suitable. For petite ladies, it is better to choose filigree patterns, such as millefeuil, small chicken foot, thin strip.

5. How to choose a pattern that matches your skin type and hair color
If you wear patterned clothing close to your face (for example, a blouse, sweater, or scarf), choose the shades of the patterns carefully. Strong contrasts, such as black and white, are only suitable for those women who have a contrast in the face – dark hair with fair skin, expressive noticeable eyebrows. Of course, you can create such a contrast with red lipstick and bright makeup. If you don’t want too much artificiality, stick to softer shades, such as white and gray patterns. The test is simple: if the eye first falls on the pattern, and not on the face, then the contrast is too bright, it “eats” you.

Spectacular prints and abstract motifs are an absolute must-have this season. Yes, it takes a bit of courage to venture into complex pattern combinations. But beautiful combinations will undoubtedly emphasize individuality and style.

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