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These things should not be in the wardrobe of a woman 50+

Modern 50-year-old women lead an active lifestyle and do not look their age at all. The visual impression is controlled, for the most part, by the right wardrobe. What things should not be in it to avoid the risk of becoming an aging lady who is vainly chasing youth, and everyone can see it? Find out now.


Looking younger than your age is a natural desire of any woman. Unfortunately, sometimes it turns into a manic, ignoring common sense. Then mistakes in choosing a wardrobe turn into the opposite result: quite a young woman turns into a rejuvenating lady of advanced years.
How to dress in 50+ to really look younger? What are the things to forget? Watch and remember.

1. T-shirt with a message
Undoubtedly, a T-shirt is an irreplaceable thing that should be present in a woman’s wardrobe. But at the age of 50, you should be more careful with the choice of print: Disney characters, Mickey Mouse and philosophical inscriptions like “you can’t ruin friendship with sex” will not decorate and certainly will not rejuvenate an adult woman. Preferably high-quality plain T-shirts made of beautiful materials – mercerized cotton, silk, linen. And if you take it with a print, then strict minimalist drawings are better. Clothing for women 50 years old should be ethical.

2. Jeans with holes and low waist
Initially, the essence of ripped jeans is the self-expression of a rebellious teenager. Do you fall into this category? Agree, it is difficult to justify the protest rampage of an adult lady, besides, it is not very pleasant to see the excessive fullness of the knees or the deformed joint fearlessly peeking out of large holes. The same can be said about jeans with a low waist: even with a very slim figure, it may seem that you have, oh horror, a big belly.
An alternative to such models is jeans with a straight cut with a push-up effect, with a classic fit, for example, Liu-Jo or Mac. Clothes for women 50 years old.

3. Mini dress
Some women 50+ believe that if they have long, slender legs, it’s not a sin to show them. Alas, the effect often turns out not at all what we would like. In the eyes of others, an adult woman in a mini looks vulgar. The maximum that you can afford is a skirt that opens the kneecap. See how stylish and sexy Italian length sheath dresses look. Sheath dress of Italian length – clothes for women 50 years old.

4. Leopard print
Leo colors are considered a symbol of female power and sexuality. They look amazing on self-confident ladies… 30 years old. At 50, animal prints, unfortunately, are vile provocateurs. By itself, the “predatory” drawing is defiant, ambitious, “loud”, and instead of sexuality, it adds depravity to a woman of elegant age, which does not paint at all.
Of course, lovers of a daring leo print can afford it, but in doses, for example, in the form of a handbag or shoes, or even better, parts of a handbag and shoes.

5. Fitted shirt
Things with a narrower cut will not throw off extra years for a 50-year-old and will not make the figure more slender. A fitted shirt on an adult woman will give the impression of an outdated thing, not to mention the fact that any tight clothing will emphasize figure flaws and give out age.
When choosing a dress, you should focus on a loose-fitting silhouette, and when choosing a blouse – on a straight cut. Clothes for women 50 years old.

6. Fancy accessories
Fanciful accessories and defiant jewelry do not distract from age, but on the contrary emphasize an attempt to “be young”. Their presence in the image does not cause admiration, but sympathy.
If you want to designate an active life position inherent in young women with the help of accessories, choose a comfortable bag – not necessarily from a famous brand, most importantly, from high-quality leather, as well as exquisite jewelry.

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These things should not be in the wardrobe of a woman 50+
Modern 50-year-old women lead an active lifestyle and do not look their age at all. The visual impression is controlled, for the most part, by the right wardrobe. What things…


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