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How to look younger after 45

A modern woman at 45 may well look 30. It is not difficult, it will not ruin the budget and will not force you to make sacrifices. How to look good after 45? Just when buying clothes, you should consider some rules. We share.

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It is a well-known truth that a woman looks as old as she feels. If she is positive, full of strength and inspiration, actively learns new things, takes care of herself responsibly, solves problems with a smile, accepts new experiences with interest, and also loves fashion, she will always be given less than she actually is.

How to look good after 45? We offer 8 commandments for the formation of a wardrobe in order to look stylish and young after 45.

1. Accept your dignity
It is believed that French women are impeccable even in old age. Do you know what distinguishes them from Russian women? For them, there is no concept of “shortcomings”, they perceive themselves as they are, therefore they are happy to emphasize the merits. Russian women are most concerned about the question: how to hide flaws. The essence of the first point: to see the best in yourself and rejoice. If you focus on the pros, the cons will go into the shadows by themselves, and you will look younger. This is the first rule of how to look young after 45 years.

2. Avoid shapeless outfits
Many believe that the older the woman, the more voluminous her costumes should be. Hiding extra pounds, women after 45 often choose baggy hoodies, floor-length skirts. It is not right. Clothing should improve shape, tone up, pick up age-related “spreading”. After 45, get classic models based on geometry. Blazers, boxy blazers, sheath dresses, pullovers and V-neck blouses are ideal, these are just the clothes in which you will look young after 45 years.

3. Choose solid colors
Prints on dresses and trousers are always seductive, but there is a risk of getting confused in the rules of visual effects: a small pattern on a light background makes you look fat, a large one on a dark background reduces your height, flashy flowers distort the proportions, small ones expand the silhouette… That’s why you should give preference to delicate geometric patterns such as stripes or tie prints, or plain fabrics. Sophisticated shades of tea tree, ice, stone, cocoa, agate, ash mint are refined and luxurious. The right color will solve the question of how to look young after 45 years.
4. Do not wear knitted sweaters
There is no clothing more comfortable for a woman than a knitted sweater, but this is also one of the most dangerous things: all its charms – softness, vintage, romance, comfort, on a woman of elegant age instantly turn into minuses – amorphousness, old age, conservatism. In order to avoid unwanted metamorphoses, discard the bundles. If knitwear is thin, not textured, smooth. Preferably woolen crepe, knitted fabric, dense matte silk, these textures will make you younger. Clothes after 45 are, for the most part, smooth textures.

5. Don’t try to copy your daughter
Jeans with holes in the knees, black stockings sticking out of rocker boots, short sundresses with ruffles, skinny … all this looks incredibly stylish … on twenty-year-old girls. 47-year-old women in such outfits are somewhat comical, and the age in this case is only emphasized. If you want to know how to look good after 45, choose elegance by following simple rules.

6. Don’t save
Even cheap things look stylish on a young lady if there is a concept idea. For a woman 45+, cheap things are a disaster! They throw extra years and go to the detriment of the image. In a word, after 45 you need to correct the trend: even less, but better. Natural fabrics, good cut and expensive accessories create the effect of success, making a woman younger. You can save money during promotions and discounts, which are often carried out by the elite catalogs of Madeleine and Peter Hahn.

7. Invest in accessories
Being trendy is also one of the effective ways to look younger. But, in order not to constantly calculate the balance between color, length, pattern and texture, you can focus on fashion accessories such as glasses, watches, handbags. Let your sunglasses and wristwatches be radically fashionable and defiantly avant-garde. How to look good after 45 is to emphasize style with fashion accessories.

8. Wear nice underwear
What does beautiful lingerie mean to you? Is it Victoria’s Secret, LA PERLA, Triumph or HEIDI KLUM INTIMATES? Exquisite lace or delicate silk? Colored or pastel colors? Be that as it may, the main thing is that it fits perfectly, tones up, strengthens the sense of beauty and increases women’s self-esteem.

We told you how to look good after 45 years. We will be glad if our ideas will be useful to you, inspire and help you rationally approach the purchase of clothes.

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