Trendy yellow
Yellow has been named one of the leading colors of 2021 by the Pantone Color Institute. March is the time to add trendy yellow to your spring looks. We've rounded…

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Fashionable retro clothing style: 8 trends
Retro style in clothes looks spectacular and unbanal. Fashion designers have included bright retro elements in their summer collections. So, get into the time machine, try on the best trends…

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Who is cooler: OTTO or Zalando
Two German giants of the mail order business OTTO and Zalando compete powerfully with each other: who is cooler. Clients who have been dressing according to OTTO catalogs for many…


White shirt
The white shirt is always in fashion. On hot summer days, a white shirt becomes an indispensable thing in the wardrobe. She so easily creates different images, as if playing…

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Fashion autumn-winter

The upcoming autumn and winter promise to be fantastically beautiful and elegant. Noble shades of nature, enchanting autumn flowers, romantic styles, cozy knitwear… All this will be very hygge! See the autumn-winter trends right now and try on the best looks from in advance.

red coat

Folk wisdom says: prepare a sleigh in the summer. This means that now is the time to think about your autumn-winter wardrobe in order to plan beautiful looks for the cool season. We will present you the main fall-winter trends and show you the most beautiful outfits and combination ideas.

Bright drawings
Autumn-winter fashion takes bright patterns from the summer season and decorates autumn looks with them. Flowers and floral motifs, exotic patterns, geometric ornaments, all kinds of stripes and a cage will be relevant. Only the shades become more restrained, adapting to the warm autumn range of nature. Bright designs can be found everywhere in – on feminine dresses, on trousers, on spectacular blouses. So, do not hide summer things far in the closet, some of them can be worn in the fall.

Clothes with bright patterns

Wildlife footprints
Fall-winter trends gracefully play with wild nature styles. Animal drawings join prints with flowers and leaves. A cat and a butterfly, a flamingo and a snake, a zebra and a leopard – wild nature motifs create captivating strong images. The effect is enhanced by complex shades – from insinuating gray and brown to piercing terracotta; and indeed there is an exciting sense of belonging to the wild nature. Perfect casual style at

Wildlife style clothing

Hygge is a word filled with sacred meaning: it is cozy like a grandmother’s jacket, tasty like spiced cocoa, romantic like a house by the lake. Fashion fall-winter 2021/2022 emphasizes hygge clothing. Hygge style, combining rustic elements such as Norwegian patterns and modern prints and using relaxed colors and silhouettes, quenches the thirst for warmth and security. The Peter Hahn catalog revels in Danish hygge, a seemingly simple fashion that creates an atmosphere of comfort and happiness. The fall-winter 2021/2022 trends include the Danish hygge style.

Hygge clothing

Luxurious elegance
Finally, unpretentious pajama style gives way to elegance and sophisticated classics. Luxurious elegance, the fall-winter  trend at Peter Hahn, brings a pleasant touch to the world of luxury into everyday life. The snow-white peaks of Aspen and St. Moritz are dreaming in dreams and long-term plans… And this is what those who love high fashion and have an optimistic outlook on life need today. Unusual silhouettes, noble fabrics – from silk to cashmere and leather, flowing blouses, elegant pumps, designer accessories – all this looks insanely stylish.

elegant clothes

Blue Aqua
In the top shades of autumn-winter fashion you will find the magnificent blue color Aqua, the tone of water in a mountain lake. Such a sensual shade of blue is rarely found in fashion favorites. However, every season the blue palette appears in colors of incredible beauty – a cloudless sky, an ocean before a thunderstorm, a sea wave, cornflower blue …

Clothing with a touch of blue Aqua

Pastel and purple colors
Autumn-winter fashion is an absolute novelty! In the color prelude of autumn, pastel colors sound along with strong shades, and this is really new. The color palette in pastel and lilac tones is simply charming. Soft pastel colors, usually blooming only in spring, this time win our hearts and the fashion world in general, regardless of the season. We find their exquisite incarnations in beautiful home clothes and in delightfully pleasant cardigans and coats. Dress in pastel shades for fall – this is a special autumn-winter trend at Peter Hahn.

Pastel and purple colors in clothes
delicious caramel
Delicate pastel shades can be perfectly combined with soft tones in brown tones. In autumn 2021, traditional browns are dominated by caramel, hazelnut and peanut tones that play with nuances from red-brown to golden. These colors are fabulously combined with each other and create expensive noble images.

Caramel shades in clothes
Spicy shades
Fall-winter trends piquantly complete the autumn color palette with spicy shades. Curry, saffron, cinnamon and chili sound so delicious that it involuntarily attracts fashion fans. Delicious spicy shades are perfect for autumn outfits – both in business attire and leisure suits. Would you like to taste this fragrant-sounding trend?

Spicy shades in clothes
Mood in red
For those who need attention and increased vitality, the autumn-winter trends offer a spectacular solution – a radical red color. Autumn-winter fashion could not pass by red, whose color palette varies from bright signal

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