Fashion autumn-winter
The upcoming autumn and winter promise to be fantastically beautiful and elegant. Noble shades of nature, enchanting autumn flowers, romantic styles, cozy knitwear... All this will be very hygge! See…

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6 simple rules: how to dress in the city so as not to die from the heat
On the street plus 30. The air compresses in a hot embrace. Sweat hail. All thoughts are about one thing: where is the treasured source of cold water, and what…

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Fashionable spring raincoats
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Fashionable cashmere in the color of herbs and spices
What are autumn blues for you? Sadness from parting with warm sunny days or joy from a close meeting with a snowy winter? Either way, Peter Hahn has a great…

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Fashionable, high quality and… cheaper than 50 €?

Do not believe that you can look super stylish and expensive in inexpensive things? In vain. To dissuade you, I’m bookmarking cool things under 50 €. I know for sure that you can update your wardrobe, get the perfect look and cheer yourself up without big investments. Verified by personal experience.

Clothes cheaper than 50 euros

Here, working at the Catalog Club Ru, we have convinced ourselves many times that it is possible to create a breathtakingly stylish image that carries a charge of joy for the whole summer without large financial investments. Thanks to the German online retailers offering so many great pieces and winning combinations.

So, our wish lists this month have everything from a feminine C&A denim dress to retro Jeepers Peepers sunglasses. Together they make up the perfect capsule for the new season. The Zalando fashion store offers a lot of trendy quality items for less than 50 euros. So, if you want to raise fresh emotions in yourself and at the same time not spend too much money, join us! See what purchases we want to add to cart this month.

Stylish clothes for less than 50 €: beautiful dress
In the summer of 2021, the dress reigns in the women’s wardrobe. Feminine, light, flirtatious, it overthrows the sexless fashion of the gloomy 2020 and makes beautiful women finally get out of pajamas and sweatpants. Fortunately, designers, understanding the asceticism of the previous year, do not limit us in choosing a style. Dresses with ruffles and frills, shirt dresses and tunic dresses, asymmetric models, elegant linen style, leather dresses and trench dresses are in fashion. The Zalando fashion store offers almost 13,000 models of fashionable dresses for less than 50 €, from 34 to 50 German sizes. Choose!

Stylish clothes under 50 €: linen blouse
Linen blouse is the must-have of the new season. Linen is a real miracle of nature: it is extremely strong, durable and insanely pleasant to the body. In summer, it is delightfully cool, giving the impression that air conditioning is built into the clothes. Linen blouse – stylish clothes in 2021. It is worth trying on once to fall in love for a lifetime. Clothes from Europe are cheaper than 50 €.

Stylish clothes under 50 €: wide trousers

Flying palazzos, Jane Birkin-style flared jeans from the 70s, printed harem pants, linen culottes, knee-length Bermuda shorts – trouser fashion 2021 pleases with a variety of fashion models. What is characteristic – wide trousers are absolutely universal, they are perfect for both evening events and everyday activities. Clothes from Europe are cheaper than 50 €.

Stylish clothes for less than 50 €: trendy platform sandals
Fashionable sandals for the summer of 2021 are a practical combination of grace, comfort and style. Mules, fisherman sandals, pastel skin tones, predatory prints, thin straps, gold plating are in the “sandal” fashion in the new season. Well, if you are used to living on the run, choose fashionable platform sandals – such as the Zalando stylish clothing store offers.

Stylish clothes under 50 €: handbags and glasses
In a recent article, I already talked about the top 5 fashion bags for spring 2021. A folder, a basket, a candy, a giant shopper and a smartphone-handbag are the hits of the new season. Choose according to your taste and style. Personally, I will delight myself this summer with a stylish Madeleine smartphone-handbag, it will become that golden accent that will add spice to any of my summer outfits.
The second stylish accent is glasses. In the new season, sunglasses make a flashback to the colorful 60s and 70s: glasses with colored lenses are in fashion – yellow, pink, purple, aquamarine. Come to the Zalando fashion store and choose fashion accessories for less than 50 €.

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