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Fashionable retro clothing style: 8 trends

Retro style in clothes looks spectacular and unbanal. Fashion designers have included bright retro elements in their summer collections. So, get into the time machine, try on the best trends of the past and enjoy the rainbow of shades, forgotten textures and unusual patterns.

Printed skirt

The whole last year has passed for us in the style of home clothes. Comfortable – no doubt about it. But, you see, I already want fresh colors, bright emotions, cheerful styles, everything that gives hope and joy. It is no coincidence that designers offer us a flashback to the colorful 60s and 70s of the last century.

Let’s talk about 8 new trends this summer. We have already ordered some of the new catalogs. Join and you!
1. Retro clothing styles: crochet
Many girls post their photos and videos in crocheted outfits on Instagram. Handmade always looks beautiful and romantic. From tops to handbags to hats, crocheted items have a unique fashion code and are perfect for summer. Do you agree?

2. Retro clothing styles: platform
Whether it’s chunky sneakers or thick-soled sandals, the trend is clear – we are all striving to reach new heights. The platform is comfortable, motivating and incredibly stylish.

3. Retro clothing styles: colored glasses
Glasses that are fashionable this summer are not only the shape and size (large and rectangular), but also the color. Glasses with tinted lenses – especially yellow ones – are an accessory that fashionable ladies are required to have in the summer season without fail.

4. Retro clothing styles: funky prints
Almost every spring-summer 2021 designer collection features a funky graphic print. This summer, we’re swapping out the usual stripes and polka dots for psychedelic swirls and vintage flowers.
5. Retro clothing styles: mini
No matter how old you are or what size you are, minis reign supreme on the catwalks, and therefore should reign in your wardrobes. Adult girls can be content with a dress that opens the knee, and long-legged young ladies are recommended a microscopic mini. See how to wear a mini for women of elegant age.
6. Retro clothing styles: disco
It suffices to recall the bands ABBA, Bee Gees, Boney M, Diana Ross, popular in the 70s, to present a fashionable disco style. Inspired by the musical idols of the past, wear bright, shiny clothes, multi-coloured striped turtlenecks, bodycon jumpsuits with flared trousers and a platform… In a word, everything that attracts attention.

7. Retro clothing styles: silk scarf
If you look at TikTok or Instagram, then you have probably noticed a viral trend when all the girls drive cars with silk scarves tied around their heads. To be honest, it looks very atmospheric. A silk scarf is a must-have accessory for summer 2021. Tie it around your head or around your neck – all options are in fashion.

8. Retro clothing styles: dramatic neckline
The intricate neckline was all the rage in the 60s and 70s, and it looks like it’s making a comeback in the summer of 2021. When shopping for a dress, top, or bikini, fashionable ladies are opting for a dramatic cleavage instead of a simple cutout.

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